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A.L.A. - 5

Abundant Life Amendment™ Article – 5

There are no malicious thoughts behind or imbedded in any part of this Amendment against anyone from any other country, race, or religion; this Amendment is simple a Righteous way of allowing those that may have chosen the wrong way of coming to American the opportunity to correct that choice and the right to become part of America and take full advantage of its structure; and to bring U.S. Immigration Laws into the reality of 21st Century needs. 

Guest Worker and Immigration Act

PART – 1 By this PART, it is clearly understood that all Immigration and Immigrants (a.k.a., aliens) both legal and illegal and any cost relating to them, are the responsibility of the Federal Government and the Federal Government only; no financial burdens will be placed upon any State Government, or upon any Local Government as it may relate to any needs of either.

PART – 2 No State Government or Local Government within any State will issue any form of identification to anyone that can not prove themselves lawfully in the United States. Nor will they support, by the granting of a safe harbor, anyone that is illegally in the United States; any identification (a.k.a., Driver’s License, I.D., etc.) already issued will become void upon expiration; and any none verified, non-expiration I.D., will expirer three years from the date of this Amendment becoming Law and must become a verified I.D..

No authority of Federal, State, or other governing body will in anyway restrict, or pose a hindrance to any law enforcement official or department which will have the full authority to arrest and detain for surrender to the appropriate Federal Immigration Authorities, anyone not able to prove they are lawfully in the United States.

Illegal aliens encountered on a first offense will be detained, photographed, fingerprinted and a DNA sample will be taken from them and then deported; but, they will not be labeled as criminals, except where other laws have been broken by them, in which case, they will face appropriative criminal prosecution and penalties and then deported. Second time offenders found to be in the United States illegally will result in a sentence of six (6) years in prison and any criminal penalties with a life time prohibition from entering the United States; and if found doing so again will be subject to twenty (20) years in prison and any appropriate criminal penalties .

No charges of racial profiling will be made against a questioning law enforcement official if there request for identification is based upon suspicious conduct, such as, attempting to conceal themselves or suspected criminal conduct. Note: This is not a blank check as it relates to racial profiling and any request for identification by an officer must be recorded by them as part of their daily records – video taping is preferable if available.

Local and State Authorities will have the right to bill the Federal Government up to thirty dollars ($30.00) per day to help offset expenses relating to the detention for each day and for each detainee held for the Federal Authorities; Federal Authorities will take charge of the detainees within fourteen (14) days of notice or the fee will be sixty ($60.00) dollars a day, retroactive to day 1 for each detainee held for fourteen days or more; any held for twenty eight (28) days or more the fee will increase to ninety ($90.00) per person per day but not retroactive. Any being held for local criminal conduct will be not part of the fees. Any being held for Federal criminal conduct that should be transferred to Federal confinement, the above fees will apply.

NOTE: Those that have come to the United States illegally have already shown by their act that they have no respect for the Laws of the United States and don’t believe they should be subject to United States Laws if found out; regardless of their arguments for having broken them, someone that has no respect for the Laws of the United States is not a welcomed asset for the Citizenry of the United States. 

What most people probably don’t think about is that we could have a million or more people from other countries than just from south of our border, that should not be here; Asia, Europe, the Middle East etc., even Canada. There are some very rewarding proposals that will be presented when we get our house in order that will easily identify the unlawful or non US Citizens, so it behooves any affected to come forward now.

Any minor Children (Children thought to be under 18 years old) crossing the border without a Parent will be treated with regard to their age and returned to the country of their origin in an expedited manner; if any problems occur returning them to their country, they will be physically taken to the U.S. Embassy of their origin in the United States (being that they are Citizens of that country) and they will be given to the care of their countries representatives, as they have no U.S. rights.

PART – 3 Hereafter, under all U.S. Law, the words immigrant(s) and legal alien(s) are defined as anyone who is lawfully in the United States. Any other person who is not in the United States lawfully is defined as an illegal alien and is subject to the full extent of the Laws of the United States and the Laws of this Amendment as they may apply. Hereafter, all reference to the United States is inclusive of all States, and/or all Governing bodies within the States.  

PART – 4 Any federal laws allowing favorite immigration status based upon the country of origin of the requester, social status, education, or other non-equalizing and/or discriminating factors are repealed, including footprints on U.S. soil and birth rights.

The only exception is that those who may be socially incompatible by reason of social disease, illegal drug use, physiological disorder, or association with anyone who seeks to cause harm to the United States, it’s allies and/or friends, or who have a criminal background equal to a felony by U.S. standards of law, will be barred.

Anyone seeking immigration for political reasons will have their request reviewed on a case by case basis - no group Immigration is allowed, political, or not. All requests must be made at a U.S. Foreign Embassy. Successfully petitioned political immigrants will have their record of acceptance (signed by) the Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department (or its equivalent) stating the reason it was granted; defectors will be subject to the same standards of social acceptability and the request may not occur on U.S. soil.

NOTE: It may come as a surprise to some to find out that the Unites States is the third (3rd) most populated country in the world, behind only China and India; and based upon the US Census Bureau website - the U.S. population was over Three Hundred and Sixteen Million People (316,000,000) on July 4, 2013. Those amounts show an increase of over Seven Million (7,000,000) People form the July 4th estimate of 2010.The governments website also notes that One (1) International Migrant is coming to the U.S. every Forty 40 Seconds and is becoming part of the U.S. population numbers.

There is enough in the U.S. to meet the needs of its citizens and when needed, help those in other countries; but it can not support the extra millions that want to come into the United States and stay. There are those that might say – well its just me and my family and we came here to help – but, the same thing has been said millions of times over in recent years. Some time – and hopefully soon – those in Washington will come to the conclusion that the rights and needs of the U.S. Citizens far out weights the rights of illegal and non U.S. Citizens.

PART – 5 Any one found guilty of transporting or assisting in the transporting of illegal aliens into the United States, if not a U.S. Citizen, will be subject to fifteen (15) years in prison. Also, anyone who willfully hides or harbors illegal aliens in the United States, if not a U.S. Citizen, when found, will be subject to the same, fifteen (15) years in prison; if the person is a U.S. Citizen, in either case they will be subject to ten (10) years in prison regardless of stature or reasoning.

NOTE: Perhaps one of the biggest problems relating to illegal aliens coming to the United States is created by those in the U.S. that take advantage of them, by cheaply hiring and harboring them and all too often, abusing them. Throughout this proposal are a number of  laws relating to the hiring and harboring of those that should not be in this country; and those in this country that have no respect for our laws need to know that the cost of violation is real and the cost is high.

There is an old saying “charity begins at home” – we have Millions of lawful U.S. Citizens in need of help from their own government and could use help form other U.S. Citizens, many of whom are willing to help – but, the best way to help our own needy is not to allow the flood of other countries neediest to come to our country; and then be favored over our own by our Courts. Example: Our Courts are and have been more than willing to force School Districts to pay more of their budgets to teach languages other than English, when many of our own grow up learning only the language of the street.

The U.S. spends Billions of Dollars every year securing and protecting the borders of other countries around the world; but Washington will only spend a token amount of that money on our own. Too many in Washington are afraid of political consequences if they defend the United States Borders.

PART – 6 Human trafficking is defined and currently understood as follows: The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery. Sex trafficking occurs when a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or when the person induced to perform such acts has not attained 18 years of age. Anyone found guilty of human trafficking (U.S. Citizen or not) will be subject to not less than twenty (20) years in prison for that crime; and any other crime found guilt of will be added on to it. All minimum prison and/or jail times listed in this Amendment are fixed, with no time off or reduced sentences.

PART – 7 Do to the nature of the crimes noted in PARTS 5 and 6, if the accused is not a U.S. Citizen, or may have duel citizenship with another country, the accused will be held without bail; if the accused is a U.S. Citizen and bail is granted, they will be subject to extreme monitoring, as they may have strong ties with those in other countries that could offer them help finding a way out of the country.

PART – 8 Guest Worker Program: The Guest Worker Program is not an immigration program, nor does it offer any assurances that having been a Guest Worker increases one’s rights towards legal Immigration, or Citizenship.

A Guest Worker application can only be obtained from a U.S. Embassy in the country of the requester’s citizenship, except if the country of citizenship does not have a U.S. Embassy and the requester is in another country other than his/her country of citizenship, a request may be made through the U.S. Embassy in the country of that current reside, but only if the requester’s entrance into the host country was made lawfully, and/or they have been accepted by the host country as now being a lawful resident.

 All requests will be by mail to the appropriate Embassy, or other non discriminating means, if mail service is not feasible, other means to be determined by the Embassy and Host Country. No handout of applications of any kind is allowed at any Embassy. Their will be no fee of any kind involved with the receiving or distributing of the applications.

Not all requesters will receive an application in response to their request; the original request for a application will be a simple fold over piece of paper that can be sealed when folded over, that conceals the name, age, country of citizenship and contact information for there receiving the application its self. Embassy personnel, along with a witness official from the country of the Embassy’s location, will select at the appropriate time, in a blind drawing, the names of those who will be sent applications.

Applicants who fall into any of the following groups will be barred:

(1) Those that may be socially incompatible by reason of social disease.

(2) Those that have been found to use or traffic in illegal drugs.

(3) Those with physiological disorders.

(4) Those physically unable to perform at least ninety percent (90%) of the posted available jobs.

(5) Those in association with anyone who would seek to cause harm to the United States, its Allies and/or Friends.

(6) Those that have a criminal background equivalent to a felony by U.S. Standards of law.

Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have a basic understanding of the English language. Guest Worker privileges for which one may apply can range from twelve (12) months to thirty six (36) months, during which time the applicant’s employment will be monitored. Successful applicants may leave anytime during those time periods, but may not return under this program, nor may they visit any other country while active as a Guess Worker. Should any periods of unemployment exceed six (6) weeks without just cause, the applicant will forfeit the balance of his/her Guest Worker privileges.

Husbands and wives both being at least eighteen (18) years old (and without dependent children) or friends, maximum of four (4) may apply for a joint Guest Worker admittance. All Guest Workers must provide for their own transportation to the United States and back to their home countries.

All Guest Workers will be paid not less than federal minimum wage, but not more than other workers; and will be protected by and subject to all appropriate labor laws of their occupation. Employers may not discriminate against nor favor Guest Workers because of their status or country of origin. Guest Workers will be allowed to obtain a regular driver’s license subject to all appropriate laws; however, Guest Workers will not be allowed to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) or be allowed to operate commercial vehicles. No Guest Worker may work in occupations involving security.

All income earned by Guest Workers will be subject to normal State and Federal taxes of their tax bracket; however all Federal taxes: Social Security, Income and Medicare taxes, collected from both the employer and employee, will be held in a separate joint account by the U.S. Government and used to help offset expenses of any medical emergency or other emergency needs of Guest Workers - which will be the responsibility of the Federal Government. Guest Workers will be eligible for one time unemployment benefits for six (6) weeks only. In the event of layoffs, or other reductions of work forces, Guest Workers will be the first effected.

Workers Compensation Insurance will treat Guess Workers as equal with non Guess Workers and the amounts paid in by the employer will be the same; in cases of injury or permanent disabilities, settlements prescribed under existing law will prevail and the Guess Workers will upon being medically able and the settlement has been reached, leave the country.

If it is found that the Guess Worker’s injury or disability was a deliberate act for any reason of benefit and/or they were assisted by any other in anyway, both will face appropriate criminal charges as they relate to fraud and both deported if the other is likewise a non US Citizen; if a US Citizen the charge of fraud will include an additional five (5) years in prison.

PART – 9 The U.S. Department of Labor will publish monthly: The unemployment rate, the projected number of job openings for the next six (6) months, the location and type of projected jobs and the projected number of Guest Workers that may be needed to assist in filling those jobs. The selection of Guest Workers to meet the needs will be done on a random basis, Internationally, from those that have applied and meet the qualifications.

Anyone involve in the selection process found to be guilty of selecting based upon personage, country, religion, sex, etc.; will be sentenced to ten (10) years in prison.

Whenever the unemployment rate is greater than three percent (3%) in the United States for three (3) months consecutively, the Guest Worker Program will be placed ‘on hold’ until the unemployment rate drops below the three percent (3%) for three (3) consecutive months. Guest Workers already in the United States will not be affected by any hold or reduction. Guest Worker applicants still in other countries who have already been approved will be allowed to continue if they are within sixty (60) days of their authorized entrance date.

Anyone found guilty of using force, fraud, coercion, or committing other illegal acts or discrimination against authorized Guess Workers will be subject to appropriate civil rights laws.

Foreign Students studying in the United States will be allowed to participate in the Guest Worker Program based upon their lawful acceptance in the United States. To be acceptable as a Foreign Student in the United States, one will be subject to the following non-acceptable guide:

(1) Those that may be socially incompatible by reason of social disease.

(2) Those that have been found to use illegal drugs.

(3) Those with physiological disorders.

(4) Those in association with anyone who would seek to cause harm to the United States, its Allies and/or Friends.

(5) Those that have a criminal background equivalent to a felony by U.S. Standards of law.

Any Foreign Student already in the U.S. and studying at the time this Amendment becomes Law, which wishes to also work, full or part time, can make a Guest Worker Application at a designated U.S. Immigration Office, and will be subject to the preceding Standards of Law. 

New applications for study, if not yet in the United States and their study application is accepted, may note on their application they also would like to work Part Time under the Guest Worker rules of employment; full time employment for a Student is only allowed during the non-school part of the year. All applicable Laws governing any Student and/or Guest Worker will apply. The exception for Students being, if the authorized length of study extends beyond the thirty-six (36) month maximum stay as stated in the Guest Worker program, the Guest Worker rights of the student may also extent until study is complete. If the authorized time remaining in the United States for study is less than thirty-six (36) months they will only be allowed to remain under the Guest Worker Program for the balance of their allowed study time.

Although a student may be registered to participate in the Student Guest Worker part of the program, they are not mandated to seek employment, nor will they be entitled to unemployment benefits despite an employment layoff because their main reason for being here is education. During any layoff or reduction in a workforce they will be subject to layoff before a registered Guest Worker, as again, their primary goal is education, not employment.

No Student, or Guest Worker, may engage in Collegiate or Professional Sports; and while those identified as Students may become part of the Guest Workers program, Guest Workers may not become part of the Student Program. 

No Guest Worker or Student may own or possess any type of Firearm (Gun) or other type of weapon that the known primary purpose of its use is the injuring or taking the life of a person or animal; any found with a weapon will be deported immediately; and anyone found guilty of providing the same with a weapon, will receive Five (5) Years in prison, even if no known crimes have been committed; and deported if not a U.S. Citizen.

Any one under the Guest Worker, or Student program and found to be guilty of civil unrest, a felony, and/or use of, or involvement with any illegal drug activity, will be required to pay appropriate criminal penalties and will then be deported and barred from reentry into the United States.

PART – 10 The United States Departments of State, Labor and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be responsible for a coordinated website under the oversight of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The E-Verify website may be used if feasible and/or combined with a new coordinated website which will provide a posting of all data associated with this Article.

Upon entering the United States all Guest Workers and Students will receive a photo ID card (similar to a Form I-94 Arrival/Departure card) bearing a (GW) Guest Worker of Student number. This number will be used as both an ID number and in place of a social security number by the Guest Worker or Student.

Example: GW 123-45-6789. Students entering the United States for study only will receive a similar ID card with similar notation: S 123-45-6789. Students wanting to take part in the Guest Worker Program will receive the following ID number: SGW 123-45-6789. Students entering the U.S. under a ‘Student only Number’ may change to the SGW status but can only make the change at a designated U.S. Immigration Office. A fee of fifty U.S. dollars ($50.) will be charged for all Guest Worker or Student IDs, or changes to them. 

All persons under either a Guest Worker or Student program will provide proof of legal age and citizenship and be photographed, finger-printed and DNA taken for positive Identification. A non-discriminating history of work and/or study history will be kept for all Guest Workers and/or Students; but, no part of this information will be made public; except where it may be legally needed, it must be obtained under court order.

The following information concerning a lawfully registered Guest Worker or Student will be posted on the website for public review as needed to comply with other langue of this Amendment, and nothing more: A Photo of the Person, their name, their ID number, their age, the date of entry into the United States and the date their visitor rights expire.

PART – 11 Any person responsible for hiring employees or engaged in any Employment Service that has a Federal Employer ID number, will upon presentation of a Guest Worker ID, verify the authenticity of it at the Federal website set up for verification purposes.

The following information will be entered: Federal Employer ID number, the Guest Worker/Student ID number for the person being verified and the requestor’s personal social security number.

The requestor will receive a confirmation printout and enquiry number that must be placed in the employee’s record of hire or application even if not hired, that containing the photo of the person, their name, their ID number, the date of entry into the United States and the date their visitor rights expire; that printout received will also contain an area for the signature of the person that checked the ID number.

Any U.S. employer failing to comply with these requirements will be fined five thousand dollars ($5,000.) per act; and any use of the information gained being used for personal or non employment activities will result in the user facing prison of One (1) Year per act.

The website will be secured in a manner that will prevent a random search of the website for registered Guest Workers or Students in any of the following manners; but not limited to them: by Race, Sex, Nationality, Age, Religion, Course of Study, Occupation, etc... 

In the case of an emergency where the need to locate a person whose whereabouts is not otherwise known, an emergency request may be made to the Officials having charge over the website.

In the event that a Guest Worker or Student appears to be missing and/or un-locatable, a separate part of the website will display, for the general public’s assistance, the basic information needed to locate the person. Also for the employer’s and the public’s assistance there will be posted in a special part of the website, a list of known, or suspected fraudulent Social Security numbers, IDs, and/or any other types of suspected Identifications and a list of suspected illegal aliens.

Anyone who creates a false ID, social security number, or any other type of false document for themselves or another, or uses an ID, or other document belonging to another for deceptive and/or unlawful reasons, will be subject to not less than five (5) years in prison, plus any time that may be related to the unlawful activity; and if a non U.S. Citizen deported without appeal after serving prison time and barred from reentry in to the United States. Anyone having been barred from reentry into the United States and being found again in the United States will be imprisoned for twenty (20) years.

PART – 12 Anyone with a Federal Employer ID number that knowingly hires an illegal alien or hires someone with questionable ID, will be subject to the following: on a first offense six (6) weeks in jail, on a second offense six (6) months in jail, on a third offence six (6) years in prison. If the person doing the hiring is the owner, or if the owner is aware of, or has directed another by threat or coercion to disregard the language of this Article, they will receive, by a fifty percent (50%) increase of the penalties listed in this part.

Any private person who knowingly hires an illegal Alien will be fined one thousand ($1,000) dollars per person hired or incident for the first offence. A fine of three thousand ($3,000) dollars per person or incident and six (6) weeks in jail for a second offence; and a fine of five thousand ($5,000) dollars per person or incident and one (1) year in prison for a third offence. 

PART – 13 Any private party (person) wanting to hire a Guest Worker or Student Guest Worker, may go the federal website for verification of his/her ID; where asked to enter the Federal Employer Tax ID number the person will enter their full lawful name and the reason they are being hired. Information from the website that is considered public information may be accessed by anyone, but may not be used for any personal gain, negative or unlawful manner.

Anyone found guilty of Hacking or attempting to hack into the official website established for the maintenance of this Article, or who uses information gained from the website for unlawful reasons, will be subject to not less than seven (7) years in prison, plus any time that may be related to the unlawful activity.

PART – 14 Upon acceptance of this Amendment as Law, no amnesty or rights will be given to anyone entering the United States illegally; nor will anyone found to be in the U.S. illegally be allowed to make a request to become part of the Guest Worker or Student programs, or apply for citizenship, or any type of legal alien status; except, as outlined in this Article.

Anyone who may be in the United States as a victim of human trafficking will have the right to apply for legal status subject to the rules of the Guest Worker program and/or other language of this Article, upon their full cooperation and revelation of those responsible for their being here.

Birth is not recognized as a right of citizenship; nor will it allow any other to seek rights because of it. If the mother is lawfully registered as a Legal Resident of the United States before pregnancy, and the citizenship of the father is either a natural born, or naturalized Citizen of the U.S., the birth will be that of a U.S. Citizen; if the mother is not lawfully registered, or an illegal, even if the father is a U.S. Citizen, birth records will be recorded as to the mothers nationality and non citizenship rules will apply regardless of the citizenship of the father.

NOTE: It has been clearly noted of late that pregnant woman of other countries have been coming to the U.S. to give birth for the benefit of citizenship. It is also possible that other countries governments are encouraging and maybe even supporting this conduct to increase the numbers of its ethnicity for stronger political influence in the United States. Also, there are a number of gray areas that could become involved with birth rights; such as, an illegal woman seeking out a U.S. Citizen man that would give the baby birth rights so she might be able to stay.

All right to work Green Cards, or Student rights are hereby amended to reflect the appropriate superior langue of this Amendment where they may conflict; other U.S. Legal Residents Laws, not in conflict will this, or language in other Amendments, will remain the same.

Grandfather Law and Rights: Anyone having already obtained full U.S. Citizen Rights will retain and be subject to the normal laws of a U.S. Citizen, subject to any restriction(s) of other language in other Amendments that may apply. Anyone having already fully obtained Legal Residency Rights before the applications of the Amendment becomes law, will retain those Rights subject to the laws that allowed those right(s); with the exception of the following unlawful conduct(s): illegal drugs use or the selling of, possession of fire arms or the selling of; and/or crimes of a felony nature; and/or directly causing  harm to another, social unrest and/or any involvement whatsoever in any and all political activities;  all, or any of which will subject the offender to a revoking of Residency Rights and subject to the full language and penalties of this Amendment and/or other laws that may apply and deportation a certainty . 

Any attempt or act by anyone in any Government position, Federal, State or Local, to expedite in any way, beyond the normal process, so as to allow a requester the opportunity to become subject to the Grandfather Clause of the Amendment before it fully becomes Law, will be treated as felony conduct and the any acts will be voided with the one that would have benefited deported or denied entrance in to the U.S..

NOTE: As already pointed out, the United States is the (3rd) must populated country in the world. When our percentage of unemployment is compared to that of smaller populated countries their percentages may be higher than ours, but our lower percentages may affect a greater number of people. That is not to say that those in those other countries are not suffering, but unfortunately we have millions of our own who will never achieve the promise of the American life style that all would hope to gain unless changes are made.

Just a little added note: Next to Mexico, which is number 1 on the list of other countries people’s seeking Permanent Residence in the U.S. - China, is number 2 on that list and also number 1 on the most populated countries in the world list and is sending as many as it can to America - India, which is number 3 on the worlds list of over population is also number 3 on the list of countries sending its people to America.

Why is it being allowed when we have millions of our own Citizens unemployed and/or under employed? Ask the President and your other elected officials. I have two personal thoughts on this: maybe the one party allows this in fear of losing ethnicity votes; and the other more than welcomes the over abundance of labor available so wages and benefits are more representative of the more heavily populated countries. Neither Party have ever expressed or shown any real desire to protect our borders and our Citizens. Words without deeds are just that; and demonstrate the true valueless-ness of the one speaking them. Again quoting President Washington, “the spirit of Political Parties are truly the Peoples worst enemy.”

According to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Immigration Statistics – over the past 3 years over three million (3,000,000) people, just in that time alone, were granted Legal Permanent Resident Rights and over 40% were new arrivals. Note: these numbers don’t count the millions more that may have illegally come across our borders form all over the world. Why is it being allowed? Note: Numbers in this Proposal are representative of its original writing and may be even greater of those shone here.

There are so-so many ways we can help people in other countries, but to destroy our own country by over population is not the answer; there is an old saying that “charity begins at home” – but we don’t need charity, what we need is a government that believes that its first and foremost responsibility is the Citizens of the United States of America. And that my fellow Citizens, is in reality, truly lacking. Why is it lacking; you will find me repeating myself many times with President Washington’s statement “the spirit of Political Parties are truly the People worst enemy.”

I’m going to try and modernize his statement a little and hope the reality of his words will find a more Righteous understanding in your mind: Those who have surrendered their life and spirit to a political party are subjugated to it’s will and want and not the will of the Citizens of the United States of America, or their needs, who must suffer the cost of the un-righteousness of the spirit of the party. Many might say, “well, the People voted for them”; but, right now the only thing you can vote for is, which of your "worst enemies" are you willing to put in charge of your institutions until the next election.

PS: For those that are willing to sort through all of the facts check out the website www.DHS.gov and I sure you will find tens of thousands more that the government allows in the U.S. for one reason or another every year. If you are a Citizen of the United States, let Washington know that this is your country; and if they don’t want to support you, they can seek another country to live in.

PART – 15 If a Guest Worker or Student becomes pregnant by another Guest Worker or Student, both will forfeit any balance of time remaining on their privileges and both will be required to leave the U.S. upon its discovery; any abortion, or attempt at will also require the leaving of the U.S..

All use of the word (birth) or any reference to it makes reference to a live birth and not just a pregnancy as it relates to the right to seek Legal Residency, as it may relate to the language of this Amendment.

If a Guest Worker or Student becomes pregnant and the father of the child is a verified U.S. Citizen and the woman does not have a husband or other children, upon full disclosure of the identity of the father, the Guest Worker or Student may apply (upon a live birth) for Legal Residency. Per the mother’s choice, the child will be born a U.S. Citizen, or her own nationality subject to her will. The father having been identified will be responsible per applicable law(s) financially for the child and will have all applicable parental rights that may be described under the law(s) subject to appropriate applications. If the father is not a U.S. Citizen, the child will bare the birth Citizenship of the mother and other language of this Amendment will be superior and the both mother and child will exit the country. 

If the Guest Worker or Student’s pregnancy was caused by an act of rape, or other type of coercion and authorities were informed within 48 hours of the victim’s ability to make a report of the rape, within 48 hours of medical confirmation of pregnancy (in cases where a victim may have been drugged and may not be fully aware of the assault) upon full disclosure of any information known to the victim, and upon a live birth she may make application for Legal Residency and/but the child will be born subject to the mother’s country of citizenship; however, after obtaining Residency status, and later successfully gaining the status of a Naturalized U.S. Citizen, the child will also become recognized as a Naturalized U.S. Citizen. Note: Not a Natural Born Citizen as the Nationanality of the father is unknown and the mother was not a Citizen. Note: No person may make application to become a Naturalized U. S. Citizen until having lived under the laws relating to that of a Legal Resident for at least three (3) years and having met all qualifications of both statuses.

If the woman chooses not to apply for Legal Residency, the birth record will reflect the mother’s country of citizenship. The father, when and if identified, will face appropriate criminal penalties under the law if applicable and will be responsible per applicable law(s) financially until the mother and child leave the country at which time the U.S. father will continue to pay the required amount with 50% being forward to the Mother and 50% being retained by the effected State for child welfare causes. The exit from the U.S. by the mother is the time which remains her original authorized exit date (sooner if she chooses) or sixty (60) days after the birth of the child, if later than the authorized exit date, provided the child has been cleared medically by an independent exam as being healthy enough to travel. 

If the father is a Guest Worker or Student and the mother a U.S. Citizen and the father does not have a wife and/or children by any other woman in this country or any other, the father (if the conception was consensual) upon a live birth may make application for Legal Residency and if accepted will be financially responsible under applicable law(s) and will have all applicable parental rights that may be described under the law(s). Again, Legal Residency on the part of the father does not guarantee Naturalized U.S. Citizen Status or eligibility.

For births between Legal Residents themselves, the child will bare the mother’s identity; if the father is a U.S. Citizen the child will be born a U.S. Citizen, but this will not guarantee Naturalized Citizenship to the non U.S. mother; should the mother fail to abide by the laws of her residency and be deported, the child will remain with it’s father or other appropriate care. If the father is found to be complicit in the loss of the mother’s right to remain in the U.S., he will be denied any parental rights of the child and sentenced to five (5) years in prison. Note: All pregnancies referred to in this Amendment are Natural Intercourse and non- artificial in any manner.

Pregnancies of/or by a Legal Resident with a Guest Worker or Student. If the Guest Worker or Student is the mother of the child, the child will leave with the mother and not be recognized as a U.S. Citizen; the Father of the child being a Legal Resident will be fined ten thousand ($10,000.) dollars and any pre-birthing cost and  birthing fees if the child was born before living the country; if the fine or fees are not paid by the Legal Resident father, he will loose his right of residency and will leave the country; if the mother of the child is the Legal Resident, and the father of the child a Guest Worker or Student, the Guest worker or Student will leave the county upon notice and verification of pregnancy and the child will bear the birth identity of the mother and the mother will be fined ten thousand (10,000.) dollars and be responsible for any and all pre-birthing cost any birthing fees; and if the fine or fees are not paid by the Legal Resident mother, she will loose her residency rights and leave the country with the child. Reasoning: only a U.S. Citizen can effectuate a non U.S. Citizen or a non Legal Resident the right or path of becoming a Legal Resident or U.S. Citizen as the result of a birth; also the responsibilities for non-U.S. Citizens birthing cost should not fall upon the U.S. Citizen Tax payers. 

Any type of cohesion or agreement involving a pregnancy for the hope of Legal Residency or Citizenship, or Citizenship of a child, will void any and all rights that may have, or could have been, within the language of this Amendment and the non U.S. Citizen will be deported. If a woman and the child has already been born, the child will leave with her. The U.S. Citizen being a party to this action will be sentenced to five (5) years in prison and all cost relating to the Birth.

PART – 16 Immigration - as long as there is population growth from within the United States, immigration will be held to a maximum of - one tenth of one percent (1/10 of 1%) of the growth from the prior year. If no growth was shown for a year, the percentages for the lowest year over the past seven (7) years that had shown growth will apply.

In the following language the amounts of (1/10 of 1%) will be a part of the overall percentages; but will not be restricted to, or limited by that total.

U.S. Military or State Department personnel stationed in foreign countries will be granted priority Immigration rights for spouses they take as a result of a relationship that may have developed while stationed abroad, subject to the following:

First – the relation must have had to come into being and developed as a result of personal contact in a foreign country. 

Second – the U.S. party that is part of the relationship is single; and/or all laws that may relate to a divorce have been and/or are being complied with, including any and all support payments that may have been ordered. If the proposed foreign spouse was previously married and can prove they were divorced or widowed prior to a relationship with the proposed U.S. spouse and no children were a part of the marriage and the person is not barred by other legal, or standards of acceptance, the Immigration priority rights of this part will be granted.

If children were a part a of a prior marriage, and both parents are alive, the priority rights granted under this part will not apply because the estranged spouse may have parental rights and the children may be denied access to a parent, grandparents, or other near relatives and loved ones. Immigration in these circumstances can be applied for under other processes.

NOTE: I am sure there are very good and reasonable reasoning that can be made for letting the children of former relationships to be openly allowed part of the new relationship; first I am sure is going to be said, they might enjoy a much better life if allowed; but there are a number of gray areas that might or could come into play and this is an attempt to try and avoid them. Example: Maybe the foreign x-husband who is the father of a child, may say to the hopeful U.S.  Step-father, give me $50,000 and you can take my child with my x-wife (?) or something to that effect. 

Any children that may have been born as a result of a relationship in a foreign country before the right of marriage was approved will be treated as follows: If the U.S. spouse to be is the mother and a U.S. Citizen, the child will be treated as one also; if the Father of the Child is a U.S. Citizen and all aspects of the foreign mother/spouse-to-be are expectable, the Child will be considered a U.S. Citizen upon a lawful marriage and acceptable application status of not less than a lawful Legal Residency  upon arrival in the U.S., and the child will be treated as a Naturalized U. S. Citizen; but if the mother of the child is not acceptable for immigration into the U.S., the child will remain with the mother and be subject to whatever birthright that may entail.

Acts of either party that appear to be not based upon mutual compassion for each other, but may be questioned as a means to an end, as it relates to immigration rather than affections for the other, may be question – however - this can be a tricky area; because, young and old, as well as black and white, can have strong and very real feelings of compassion for each other; and by its self the relationship should not be viewed as a negative; however, the reasoning of this part is to try and prevent as much as possible those that join together for reason other than true compassion.

PART – 17 Millions for a fence - not one amnesty without full revelation. No blanket amnesty will be given to any group of people regardless of country of origin or reasoning.

Anyone who is not lawfully in the United States is guilty of criminal conduct and subject to all existing appropriate laws and/or the laws of this Amendment as they may apply. Anyone wishing to obtain amnesty from their criminal conduct may do so for themselves and dependant members of their immediate family under the age of eighteen (18) already in this country upon an oath of full revelation of:

When and where did you and/or other family members enter the United States?

Who (if anyone) provided you with help with your coming and/or helped other family members to come to the United States; and did that help come within the United States, outside of the United States, or both, and if so, who provided the help?

Where have you and/or other family members been (Cities, Towns, or States) since entering the United States?

Who helped you and/or other family members who were knowingly aware you were illegally in the United States, by providing you with employment, money, shelter, or has assisted you and/or other family members in obtaining any types of identification?

NOTE: It is a well known practice in U.S. Law that a person that may have committed a crime (and illegally entering the U.S. is a crime and a major crime against the Citizens of the United States) can be given a reduced sentence or even a pardon for their criminal conduct by admitting to their activities and identifying those that may have been a party to their activities.

Failure to comply with full revelation will deny the applicant any rights to apply for Guest Worker status, Lawful Residency, or any other form of Immigration and they will be deported when discovered.

Upon full and truthful revelation, amnesty from prosecution for the stated illegal conduct only – (unlawful entrance into the United States) will be fully given; any other crimes against the Citizens of the United States will be subject to appropriate laws.

Any false or incomplete revelations or admissions will result in deportation. If any of the following criminal conduct applies, amnesty will be denied: The person or any other family member (under 18) within the past year from the date this Amendment became Law, has been involved with illegal drugs as a transporter, user, or seller; the person or any other family member, who is a part of the application, has been found guilty of any felony crime, crime of violence, or social unrest. If none of the prohibited criminal conduct applies, the applicant and other dependant family members under the age of eighteen (18) that can prove that they were in the United States before January 1, 2014 will be provided with all rights under the Guest Worker Program for thirty-six (36) months.

Anyone offering verification of persons being in the United States before January 1, 2014 on an application, if truthful, will not face charges of criminal conduct as it may relate to their knowledge of the applicants being here; however, if the information is false, the giver of the false information will receive five (5) years in prison and the application will be denied.

At the successful end of thirty-six (36) months under the Guest Worker Program, they may make an application for full Legal Residency; and at the successful end of thirty-six (36) months of that Program they will be allowed to make an application for full Naturalized Citizenship subject to the following: During either months periods they or other family members have not been found guilty of any felony crimes (even if less than felony time was served) or they or no other family members, spouse, or children under the age of eighteen (18) have not been found to be a user of, or in possession of any illegal drugs, guns, or a participant in gang or group memberships associated with unlawful conduct, or involved in any civil unrest, or any crime of violence.

If none of the stated criminal conduct applies, they may proceed with their Individual or Family Citizenship application. Any violations of the preceding will result in a denial to the perpetrator(s) of the violation(s) and he/she who will be deported as follows: Any family member at least fourteen (14) years old but under the age of eighteen (18) years old that is found guilty of being engaged in felony conduct, will face appropriate punishment and then be deported and bared from any future application of citizenship or of being part of the Guest Worker Program. Dependant family members under the age of fourteen (14) will be considered to still be under full parental control and their conduct and that of the parents will determine the acceptance or rejection of the family application of citizenship.

Upon application, applicants will be tested for drug use, of drugs that are subject to Federal Law and social diseases and will be deported if found so afflicted. Any applicant found to be in possession of any type of firearm (Gun) will be deported without appeal. All dependent children who are a part of the family application will be issued a photo ID that bares the necessary information showing that they are a dependant minor lawfully in the United States. Dependant minors (under 18) will be allowed to find jobs suitable for their age under applicable Federal, State, or local laws and are required to attend school until a diploma is obtained.

The English language has been accepted world wide as the language of the United States, therefore, no court or law, or any governing body, will mandate that anything other than the English language be required or taught. 

Anyone involved in the amnesty program will be required to have a basic understanding of the English language before application of citizenship will be accepted. Anyone failing to meet the requirements as outlined in this PART by the end of the grace periods given in the Guest Worker Program (36 months) and (36 months) Lawful Residency Program will be denied any request to become a Naturalized U.S. Citizen and required to leave the country. Request for amnesty can only be made at a designated U.S. Immigration office or appointed facility.

NOTE: The first question that is going to come out of the mouths of those in Washington is – who and how are we going to pay for this – the answers are - the Citizens of the United States are all ready paying for this; and if God were willing to show us His calculator, this open door policy of the political parties may be costing the Citizens of this country Hundreds of Billions of Dollars or more a year; and will probably continue to cost that much and more. There is an old saying, “any man can count the number of seeds in an apple – but, only God can count the number of apples in a seed.”

It’s unfortunate that many in Washington do not have to experience the real world that everyday Citizens have to face and in many cases fear; all they have to worry about is who they can encourage to support their next election.

Billions of U.S. Citizens tax dollars are used every year to support those who have demonstrated no respect for the laws of the United States, by having come to this country illegally.

Part of that money relates to the  money spent trying to secure the U.S. borders; Billions more of U.S. Citizens tax dollars are having to be spent supporting their demands for equal rights under the law(s): special language classes in schools for non English speaking students, emergency medical assistance when needed, legal assistance for criminal conduct, incarceration cost for those found guilty of criminal conduct, the cost of damages relating to criminal conduct, etc, etc., etc….

Of the many that have come to this country illegally, most came with no thoughts of criminal conduct, but only looking for a better life for themselves and their loved ones. But there is a big difference between knocking on someone’s door and asking to come in, and sneaking in, in the middle of the night, to take advantage of what others have built through their own struggles and challenges for themselves and their loved ones.

The basic language of this Amendment will allow those that are willing to repent of their illegal entrance into the United States and are willing to partake in a lawful manner the fruits of being in the United States, will be given the opportunity to do so; but, for those who will not repent and/or commit criminal acts - there will be no opportunity to remain in the U.S. and no second chance.

Unfortunately, many honorable Natural Born Citizens of the United States (of many nationalities) are all to often looked upon as the same as those that are illegally in the country; and the stigma of the illegal often over shadows their own good character. It is my strongest hope that one day will come when no one is judged by the acts of another – Black, White, Rich, Poor, Skinny, Fat, etc… - any judgment has to be left to God; all we can do is try our best and help another do their best. 

Seeing you have read this far, it may appear that some of my writings are only about the negatives of people and life; but there are many happenings that help keep my faith in the goodness’ of man; sometimes I find it is easer to believe in God, whom I can’t see, than it is to believe in myself, whom I don’t always understand; and often as I read what I have written, I wonder, where did those words come from? I am not an educated person; I do have an Eight Grade education; I have no political ambitions; I am in the Senior years of my life, so even if any or all of the proposals I have written come into Law, I may never live long enough to see or enjoy their true benefits. What’s in it for me – hopefully the answer to my prayer: PSALM 71:18 “Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O god, forsake me not; until I Have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.”

I also hope (somehow) you will recognize that I truly believe that each person’s life has its own value and as it was written; even the Blind person was born Blind for a reason - sometimes they can see better than the person who has their sight; many of the Blind that have never seen the light of day, or the dark of night live by a spirit within that gives them insight into the world that many with sight will never see or understand. Maybe a Blind person reading my writings in Braille will feel the spirit that moved my fingertips on my keyboard, and it is now being transferred to their fingertips as they read.

Each person has been given a reason for their being; maybe among those that can not Hear (the Deaf) God has a special need for their being, each must we willing to except and follow the Spirit God has given them; and that is why I am writing.

I truly wish I could be writing about only good things, and my writings could be made into a happy movie; instead of writing about things that will strongly be opposed by many, but I can only hope and pray that many, many more will agree that the value of the changes are needed for the benefit of the UNITED part of the United States.

As it was written a long time ago, “A kingdom or House divided against its self – will not stand.” UNITED is not a word, it is a goal that each generation must strive for; History is filled with stories of great nations destroyed by its own Internal Politicks – how much deeper must the divide become before it is too late? Political promises are no more than the dust in the wind; no party member will ever put you, or your rights and or needs before themselves or the party. 

Many I am sure will question how to implement some of the enrollment parts of this proposal, as some may seem like an unfeasible task; but, when this proposal becomes law, I will give you the needed details; for now giving you the details would be like trying to teach someone that lives in the desert how to swim, you need to get to water first in order to apply its instruction.

PART – 18  All holders of legal Green Cards or other previously accepted forms of ‘Lawful to Work’ documents will be grandfathered; except, wherever the language of this article may apply, it will be superior. The Green Card program, (a.k.a. DV Lottery) or any other type of lawful to work, study, citizenship, or long term presence in United States programs will be transformed over to the Student/Guest Worker Program and the language of this Article as it may apply. Anyone attempting to pass off an illegal Green Card or other form of illegal document in an attempt to join any part of the programs in this Amendment will be held and deported.

Those seeking admittance and the right to engage in employment in the U.S. in fields of special talent, such as: Sports Players, Movie Actors and other entertainers, or having Specialty skills, Doctors, Scientist and such, can do so under a special limited Guest worker agreement of thirty six (36) months with a single employer and must leave the United States upon completion of that (36 months) period. All rules of the Guest worker and its qualifications will apply, however no application of extension or Lawful Residency is allowed regardless of reason.

No Sporting team may have more than ten percent (10%) of its total employment of non U.S. Citizenship; Natural born Citizens of U.S. Trust Territories are treated as a U.S. Citizen and part of the unrestricted ninety percent (90%).

Payment to Guest (Players) Worker will not be greater than what is paid in wage or benefits for the average of league’s first year players, excluding any signing or other bonuses; and will increase per 2nd and or 3rd year players average if retained.

Other specialty field Guest Workers (Doctors, Scientist, Actors, Entertainers, etc.) will be paid no more than U.S. standards of similar compensation per equal qualification. Note: Both Worker’s and employer’s will be subject to the U.S. Tax structure as outlined for Guest Workers and the Worker will receive full rights and protection provided by it.

No other government programs or Acts may attempt to circumvent the language of this Amendment. No private company, corporation, institution, or person, including the Federal and/State’s Governments, may contract for hire anyone to a labor arrangement for work in the United States, if the person proposed for hire has not qualified per the language of this Amendment for admittance into the United States.

PART - 19 It is hereby understood, by the language of this Amendment that any and all Laws within the United States that grant Rights under the Laws, including U.S. Constitutional Rights, are Rights granted or guaranteed U.S. Citizens only.

It is hereby understood, that treatment of non U.S. Citizens under the Laws will be humane and compassionate in their applications, but will not be equal to Rights of a U.S. Citizen.

All non U.S. Citizens will have the right to contact their countries U.S. Embassy for assistance in all matters relating to any violation of U.S. Law by them. If their Embassy chooses not to become involved in their support as it may relate to legal assistance, or other assistance, those affected if not subject to criminal laws based upon activities beyond unlawful entrance into the United States, will be deported immediately. Anyone that refuses to identify themselves and the country that they came from, can be held until they do; any person that may be a U.S. Citizen and refuses to identify themselves as such, as a means of protesting the language of this Amendment and/or commits a crime while being part of any protest of it, will be subject to a fine of five thousand ($5,000.) dollars and prosecution for any criminal conduct.

Miranda Rights, if given in the English Language only will be considered as having been given in full compliance of the Law, except the right of an Attorney, even if spoken in the Miranda may not be guaranteed and subject to other language within this part.

Example: If a person is thought to be a U.S. Citizen, and/or suspected of any criminal conduct, and refuses to reveal their true identity they, can be held without the phone call or Attorney rights granted under the Miranda Rights; however if they refuse to reveal their true identity, no questioning will be allowed beyond the seeking of their identity; if and when identity is established, by whatever means, full Miranda Rights of a U.S. Citizen will automatically become active and the accused will be made aware of that fact.

If illegally in the United States, any legal expenses will be the responsibility of the person being charged if the only charge is un-lawful entrance into the United States; or expenses may be supported by their Embassy if it chooses, or supported by non-government funded or supported volunteered services.

Charges of criminal conduct, equated felony crimes, will be treated under the rule of Law(s) as they may relate to Public Defender, if the accused is not able to pay for their own defense and/or has no outside support; however, any non-U.S. Citizen granted the benefit of the Public Defenders services will be denied bail regardless of the charges against them. 

PART – 20 No lawsuits for damages of any kind, by anyone that is illegally in the United States, or is trying to illegally come into the United States, will be honored in any Court of Law in the United States; however, anyone deliberately causing harm to an illegal person will be subject to the full penalties under the law.

PART – 21 Any U.S. Immigration Laws that do not conflict with the language of this Amendment will remain in effect; however, the language of this Amendment will be superior in any conflict.

PART – 22 In all matters of punishment, any current Laws of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department more stringent than those of this Article may be applied, except no punishment will be less than those of this Article.

PART – 23 The Congress shall provide appropriate funding to ensure the success of the application of this Article; also, all government agencies affected by this Article will give priority to the implementation of this Article.

PART – 24  The language of this Article shall be deemed superior to any Powers and Laws of the Federal Government; Laws or Rights of the States, or parts of the Constitution where it may be in conflict.

PART – 25 The Congress shall have power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this Article.

PART – 26 The Title of this Amendment shall be known as: Abundant Life Amendment - Article Five.

PART – 27 The language of this Amendment can only be amended by a majority vote of the People via a public referendum.

If after reviewing this proposal you favor it - please petition your elected State and Federal Officials and let them know of your support of it and of your desire to have it become part of the Constitution.




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