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A.L.A. - 4

Abundant Life Amendment ™ Article – 4

Presidential Election Reform Act

PART – 1 Upon acceptance of this Article as an Amendment to the Constitution, all language and procedures within the Constitution, or Amendments, pertaining to the electors (a.k.a., Electoral College) are repealed and the process of this Article is recognized as the only process for electing a President and a Vice President of The United States.

PART – 2 Starting with the first Presidential Election following acceptance of this proposal as an Amendment, both the President and the Vice President will be elected based upon a majority popular vote of the People, with the person receiving the greatest number of popular votes for the office of President serving as President; and the person receiving the greatest number of votes for the office of Vice President serving as Vice President. Note: Each position or office are induvgula and a vote for one is not a vote for both.

PART – 3 Starting with the first Presidential Election following acceptance of this proposal as an Amendment, both the President and the Vice President will be elected to a one (1) time term of office limited to six (6) years.

Any person serving as Vice President may not be elected as President until a gap of six (6) years after the original expiration date of serving as Vice President. In the event a Vice President is required to complete their term of office as President, it will be treated the same as having been originally elected to the office.

In the event the office of the Vice President is vacated the current language of the Constitution will apply and the new holder of that office having been found of equal qualification will be treated as having been originally elected to the office.

At the time this Amendment becomes Law, if the current President and/or Vice President are serving a first time elected four year term of office and were eligible for reelection and were reelected, it would only be for a two (2) year term and not a four (4) or six (6) year term. The Vice President would still be subject to the six year no serve clause as it relates to being eligible to serve as President; any new persons elected would be for the full six (6) year term, except for, Example: if a new Vice President was running as a replacement for the existing Vice President they would only be completing the originals term(s) of office and subject to the original’s restrictions.

In the event a Vice President is required to complete their term of office as President, it will be treated the same as having been originally elected to that office. 

See the Application Guidance Section for qualifications of the office of President and equal qualification for the office of Vice President.

PART – 4 Both Presidential, or Vice Presidential Candidates, Party or Individual, must abide by the rules and amounts established by and for the Presidential Election Campaign Fund in order to receive Government Subsidized Security from the Secret Service as it relates to Security while on the  campaign trail. Any Candidate choosing not to participate in the Presidential Election Campaign Fund and/or be restricted to its amounts will pay for any services provided by the Secret Service or other Governments Services e.g., FBI, etc., beyond investigation of a real or perceived threat as it relates to their candidacy. 

As noted by the language of and acceptance of this Article as an Amendment, neither the setting President, nor Vice President will be able to run for re-election, and any campaigning for any other will fall within the frame work of self pay.

Note: $10s of thousands of dollars of Citizens tax money is spent everyday providing security for Politician to run around at election time raising Millions of Dollars so they can feed the airways with more commercials about how great they are and how they are going to be the best tax-masters of your money.

Independent Candidates, or lesser publicized political parties that demonstrate by non-partisan polls, over a four (4) consecutive Months period, within twelve (12) months of the next Presidential Election, that they would more than likely win a least ten-percent (10%) of the popular vote, will have equal rights of participation in both the Presidential Election Campaign Fund and Secret Service Protection as warranted.

Note: I am sure many others have seen, as I have seen, other Political Parties listed on Ballots on Election Day, but you hardly ever hear about them on the news; the news only want to talk about the Donkeys and the Elephants.

Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates, Party or Independent, that qualify for the Presidential Election Campaign Fund will have the full rights of participation as those of the two major political parties as it relates to national media events.

This part (PART - 4) of this proposal that may conflict with existing eligibility for Public Funds relating to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund will be Superior to the existing language of the Fund in all conflicts; and will be Superior to any Secret Service Protection Law(s).

Current serving members of the Government, Congress-Persons, Senators, Judges, Department Heads, etc., that are entitled to protective services because of their responsibilities will retain those services; but, any services that directly relate to campaigning for reelection, or campaigning on behalf of a Party or Individual, will self pay the difference.

PART – 5 All Ballots for the office of President and Vice President shall be Non-Preferential-Ballots with no pre-printed names, party identifications, or any other type of preferential markings.

PART – 6 All Ballots will be in the English language only and will be printed on computer compatible material that has a perforated fold over cover that will be removed during the tabulating of the Ballots. The cover will conceal all data printed on the inside of the Ballot.

PART- 7 All Ballots will be State and County (or its equivalent) personalized and encrypted with a computer generated code as followers:

W H I T E - 2 0 1 2 - 4 9 - 5 4 - X 1 G G 5 B

WHITE - The Ballot for the office of the President will be printed on white background material.

2012 - The year of the election.

49 - The numerical number of a State according to its alphabetical listing - in this example 49 represents Wisconsin.

54 - The numerical number of a County within the State - in this case Rock County.

X1GG5B - A random computer generated six-digit code consisting of a combination of letters and numbers that provide individual identification of the ballot.

(Example - Outside of Fold Over Cover)



ELECTION YEAR 2012 - WHITE 2012 49 54 000001

PART – 8 The official Ballot for the office of Vice President will be printed on Blue background material and will be appropriately coded. The official absentee Ballot for the President will be printed on a Red background material and will be appropriately coded. The official absentee Ballot for the office of Vice President will be printed on a Green background material and will be appropriately coded.

PART – 9 The outside removable fold over cover will also display the color (in writing i.e., Blue), year of the election, State and County codes and will be numerically coded [000001 - 000002 - ..... ]. A color and numerically coded matched sheet(s) will accompany the Ballots and will be signed by the voter next to a corresponding number for the ballot they have received. The removable fold over cover will remain on the Ballot until tabulation and then will be discarded. The signed sheet(s) will accompany the Ballots to the central receiving location. The computer generated codes on the Ballot itself will not correspond to the codes on the cover or numerical listing of the sheet(s) so as to prevent the revealing of a person’s vote. 

PART – 10 The number of Ballots printed for each County for each category of ballots will be not less than one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the number of Ballots cast in each County during the most previous presidential election, or not less than one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the estimated number of eligible voters 18 years old and older - whichever is the higher number.

Each State, at the appropriate State level office, will receive a special set of Ballots and sheets in all categories equal to two percent (2%) of the total number of Ballots sent to all Counties within the State.

These Ballots and Sheets will be identified as a National Ballots and will not bear State or County coding (all other coding or numbering and tracking of the Ballots and Sheets will apply) since these special Ballots may be used as needed by any County in the State, or may be used by another State if the need exists; however, these Ballots will be used in an emergency only.

Note: This may seem like a excessive number of ballots being printed, however, it is better to have twice as many that may be needed, than to have only half as much; another proposal will address this part in a total different way.

PART – 11 All Presidential and Vice Presidential Ballots cast by Military personal from both foreign and domestic sources will be sent to one location in the United States and will be tabulated at that location without regard to the Home State of the one casting the Ballot; if the person voting is planning to be physically in their State and plans to vote in their home State, they may wave receiving a Military Ballot and cast their vote within the State.

US Embassy personal on Foreign Service will have a similar Ballot which will also be sent to the same receiving location for tabulation. In either case, Military, or Foreign Service, normal State Balloting for State elections or issues can/will still be done via the regular absentee Ballot; but, for those in those services, they would not receive State absentee ballots for the President, or Vice President, as they will be provided for. All Military and Foreign Service Ballots will again be encrypted so as to not review the caster of the Ballot. Note: Being that this is now a United Vote, it will not make any difference which State the vote came from and when the Ballots are counted you couldn’t tell anyway.

Military and Foreign Service Ballots will be one and the same and where the State and County codes appear on other Ballots, it will show the initials MFSB on the outside cover and all other cryptic coding will be the same and accompanied by the color matching signing sheet. See PARTS 6-9 for guidance.

PART – 12 Poll opening and closing times: No poll will open before 12:01 A.M. in its standard time zone on the day of the election; or remain open past 11:59 P.M. in its standard time zone.

No Ballots for the office of President or Vice President (including absentee Ballots) will be counted in any State until after 11:59 P.M. Hawaii Standard Time Zone.

Voters, who receive absentee Ballots by mail and do not pick up Ballots in person, will have their name recorded on the appropriate color-matched sheet by a lawful County Representative. Any absentee Ballot may be turned in on the day of the election at the State and County coded polling place upon proof of Identification, no sheet signing is required as the Ballot has already been recorded.

Voters who had requested absentee Ballots but did not receive them, or may have lost them, may vote on Election Day with regular Ballots but will indicate after their signature on the sheets the initials A.B.N.C. (Absentee Ballots Not Cast) which will indicate that their name may appear on absentee Ballot sheets.

All absentee Ballots must be received before 11:59 PM on the day of the election; Ballots received after that time will not be valid; however any late returning Ballots must be sent to the central receiving location along with outside cover attached.

Any person knowingly using a false I.D., or knowingly casting more than one (1) ballot for either the President, or Vice President, or assisting another in the casting of an unlawful ballot, if a U.S. Citizen, they will be imprisoned for six (6) years; if the offender is a non U.S. Citizen, they will be deported without debate and band from re-entry into the United States. 

PART – 13 Each ballot will be accounted for. Local tabulations will be completed and published within 96 hours after Hawaii poll closing time. Upon completion, all ballots, both used and unused, will be sent to a central receiving location and scanned for authenticity.

All ballots will be preserved by the central receiving location for three (3) year after the election. Any disputed tabulations will be reviewed and re-tabulated at the central receiving location. Only the central receiving location will possess any listings of the computer generated encrypted codes. All ballots will be delivered to the appropriate County Offices, or other appropriat location, no less than thirty (30) days before the election.

PART – 14 Pre-voter registration is not required to cast a vote for the Offices of President, or Vice President, or to receive an absentee Ballot; but – a current valid State, or Federal government issued photo ID, or Drivers License, along with proof of residency if different than what is on the item, presented at the time the Ballots are requested, will be required of anyone requesting a Presidential, or Vice Presidential Ballot; and the same will be equal to pre-voter registration where required. Note: see Application Guidance Section for full ID details. Voters requesting Ballots by mail will include a photo copy of valid ID or Drivers License and residency information as needed.


PART – 15 Any person who is not a United States Citizen, voting or attempting to vote, or signing, or attempting to sign, a proposed Constitutional Amendment Proposal, or contributes money to a cause regardless if it is either for or against a Presidential Candidate, or any Federal Candidate running for office, or any Constitutional Amendment Proposal, will be deported regardless of status, stature, or the structure of the activity. 


Note: If someone is not a U.S. Citizen, but in the United States, they must stay away from U.S. Politics; if someone don’t like the way the Citizens of America run the Country than they can leave, no one is forcing anyone to come or stay here. The Constitution of the United States was written by the Citizens and for the Citizens of the United States - and they are the only ones that have the right to govern and amend it; the offices of Federal Government (or any U.S. Governing body) must never be subjected to, or dictated to by the will of non U.S. Citizens, regardless of whom or reason, or influenced by the will of, or powers of outside governments.

Just some thoughts for you to ponder as you evaluate this proposal: I don’t think many would disagree, that at the time the Constitution came into being the world was a totally different place; cannon balls and muskets and it took days sometime to communicate with someone at a distance; now it is rockets and nuclear bombs and you can communicate with anyone in the world is seconds.

Does that mean our forefathers were behind the times, no, they were very much ahead of their times when that wrote the Constitution, but much of what was written, was written to meet the needs of their day and have little or no bearing on our needs today. Example: The Bill of Rights Article 3 – “No soldier shall, in the time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.” Any true value this may have had in their day would seem totally unrealistic for us today.

Our needs today are very different than theirs were and we will forever be in their debt for the foundation that they laid for us, but – we must build upon their foundation by addressing today’s needs with today’s abilities.

For example, I sure most people today would be appalled by their original voting rights for the office of President – which were – only white landowners were allowed to vote; and if I understand correctly, a religious prerequisite was required at one time to have the right to vote. Many changes have been made in those rules over the years and I am sure most would agree for the better.

Another part of the original election process was and has been the Electoral Collage – in their day it was necessary because of the lack of the abilities we enjoy today. Today we have abilities far beyond our forefathers imagination and we recognize the equal of all in the election process – but, the biggest enemy to true equality advancement in voting is the Electoral Collage; without it, an individual voter in North Dakota would have as much power with their vote as an individual in Texas - or a voter in Vermont would be able to say as much about who will be the next President as an individual in Hawaii and it will be the People’s vote that elect the President and not a handful of hand picked politicians in the Electoral Collage.

Question – without the Electoral Collage, instead of being called Red States or Blue States at election time, couldn’t we just be called The United States? 

President Washington tried “warning” our ancestors about the “baneful” or dangers of the Political Parties; but so far, the parties with their political angles of light, have deceived the many with their heavenly promises for those that follow them and the threat of hell if you do not choose them as your leader to the promised land of a better tomorrow. 

I once read that the difference between a Statesman and a Politician is: The Politician is only worried about the next election, where as, the Statesman is concerned about the next generation –  Statesman/person: “someone with integrity and impartial concern for the public good”. Washington is infested with Politicians; it is time for Statesman/persons to come forward. 

However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

George Washington, Farewell Address, Sept. 17, 1796

PART – 16 The Congress shall provide appropriate funding to ensure the success of the application of this Amendment and its Application Guidance Section.

PART – 17 The language of this Amendment and it's Application Guidance Section shall be deemed superior to any powers and laws of the Federal Government; laws or rights of the States, or parts of the Constitution where it may be in conflict.

PART – 18 The Congress shall have power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this Amendment and it's Application Guidance Section.

PART – 19 The title of this Amendment shall be known as: Abundant Life Amendment - Article Four.

PART – 20 The language of this Amendment and its Application Guidance Section can only be amended by a majority vote of the People via a public referendum.

Note: To Whom It May Concern - within the political arena, if you disagree with any Abundant Life Amendment proposal, please feel free to explain your disagreement to the Citizens of this country; and also explain your non-partisan Righteous approach to the problems covered in these proposals; problems that are being faced by Main Street Citizens of the United States everyday. Maybe the following should become the oath of office for anyone at the Federal elected or appointed levels, as the current oaths don’t seem to have much of a positive effect for the Citizens of this country:

I, _______________, pledge (or affirm) allegiance to the Citizens of the United States of America and the Constitution which they command; One Nation, One People United, without prejudice or preference towards any; and with Honor and compassion dedicate my service to the needs of all. 

PS: I wonder how many in Washington would retire or choose not to run if this was to become their oath?


Application Guidance Section

 Lawfully recognized Identification needed for casting a vote

for the office of President and Vice President of the United States.


Note: Introduction to this Section - some will complain (for Political reasons) that the cost of an ID would be a hardship on the financially less-fortunate; the following will address that concern; the average cost of the new - Personal Real ID - maybe between $15 and $30 and will be free for those that can not afford it and are in need of one. 

Section - 1 A Special Assistance Fund will be set up to pay for anyone that can not afford the fee of the New Real ID (per the Real ID Act of 2005 standards). NOTE: This pertains to the receiving and casting of ballots for the offices of President and Vice President only and not Congressional Offices; people can still vote for Congressional Representatives subject to State Laws. Anyone already having a valid State or Federal ID or Drivers License would not have to up-grade to the New Real Identification until renewal of its current expiration and/or according to law(s) relating to its requirement, at which time only the Real ID or Drivers License will be issued. 

Note: There are a couple of other Proposals beyond currant imagination that will be more than joyfully accepted by the people – but they will be for verified United States Citizens only, both Natural Born and Naturalized – act now as a lot of good things - God willing and you choosing - will come your way. Basically, all a Real ID is, is a verification of who you are and what benefits you are entitled to from the C.G.U.S.A (Citizen’s Government of the United States of America); I am sure there will be those that will not be happy with it based upon past or present life style activities. P.S., I am also sure that the C.G.U.S.A – will raise some flak amongst the elitist of Washington D.C..   

Section - 2 A tax of 10% of its value is hereby imposed on any and all Political Commercials or promotional materials: TV, Radio, the print media of any type, Telephone campaigning or solicitations, etc…, relating to any Federal elected Office: President, Vice President, Congress, or Senator, including campaign commercial expenses within a Primary Political Party structure for the rights to represent it, ever time it/they are aired, printed or disturbed, and will be collected and set aside to help pay for the needy getting IDs.

This Tax will be on any commercials – for or against any of the listed preceding office candidates or any political party; form any source what-so-ever, political or not, profit or not; and on any commercials about issues that may be directly linked to a candidate or political party for or against, including time spent on or/by News Media Commentaries and/or partisanship coverage. Note: This will not be a violation of any Freedom of Speech Rights, or Freedom of the Press Rights; anyone can still say what they want and as much as they want, but – when the News Media (and many do it) use their power to try and influence the result of a election or proposal, then they are no longer a neutral media and have taken sides and have become partisan in their actions, which will become subject to the 10% Tax for that times value. 

Any advertising must clearly include the source of its funding and any political affiliations of, and/or the name(s) of the individual(s) it is supporting or opposing.

A fine of Ten (10) Times the amount of the actual cost of the activity will be imposed for failing to comply with the language of this Section of this Constitutional Amendment. 

Note: The Political Parties raise Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to say that they are there for the good of the country; and some even say they are there to help the needy – do they not? For any that may have doubt about if something is taxable – pay the tax and say or do what you want.  

Section – 3 All Taxes due will be paid up front of the anticipated cost of occurrences if calculable, or within fourteen (14) days after the occurrences and show the activity and value involved in the reason for the Tax; and all monies will be deposited directly into a stand alone Federal Trust Fund in a Federal Bank and will not be subject to any political or outside influences. The Fund will be administered by the Bank and distributed directly by the Bank to the appropriate States departments (Motor Vehicle Departments?) overseeing performing the ID services based upon billings beyond any cost(s) relating to their normal activities and cost: extra man-hours, extra personal, extra supplies, etc… . 

The Bank itself will have the right to utilize a portion of the monies received to off set its own additional costs. Any unused Presidential Election Fund Monies will also be deposited with the Bank for this cause; and any personal donations made to this cause will receive a 150% tax credit equal to a charitable donation for any amounts donated to this cause; all donations must originate from a U. S. Citizen donor only and not from any group, organization, or business.

Note: There is NO such thing as not-for-profit in politics, ever one expects to get something for their money; and the media can often prove very bias it their presentations. Some times what they might say may be truthful, but said in a way that may not reflect a full truthful understanding. One time I read a little story that comes to mind every now and then when I encounter some of the media presentations: (There was a horserace between American and Russian horses and the race was being held in America; when it was over the Russian Press boasted of the fact the their horse came in second, despite the fact that it was racing on unfamiliar foreign ground.) What they failed to report was that it was a two horse race. The Russians didn’t lie, and like many in our own media they may not lie, out right, but they make sure they tell you the story the way they want you to hear it.

Section – 4 The Federal Real I.D.s will be coded as follows: a Natural Born United States Citizen’s I.D. will bear the initials NB on it; Naturalized U.S. Persons will receive a like Federal Real ID but with the initials NC on it and will enjoy all lawful legal status and rights that it may entail. Lawful Residents will be issued a Real I.D. bearing the code LR and also enjoy all rights it may entail subject to the following:

The Rights and Restrictions of a Lawful Resident: Lawful Residents shall enjoy all rights of employment, the rights of retirement, per applicable of a U.S. Citizen, rights of investment in U.S. Headquartered Corporations only, per applicable Law; and the right to own a singular personal residential property only and engage in, or own or operate a singular commercial business. No Lawful Resident may hold any Office of Public Trust, Federal, State, or Local.

Lawful Residents shall not engage in any social unrest, own or possess firearms beyond (a) registered hand gun for home defense subject to all laws of use, nor be licensed to carry a concealed weapon – except in the case of official State or Federal law enforcement employment. Further, no Lawful Resident shall engage in political activities either by the supporting of, or the opposing of any political party, person or action, with actual effort or financial contributions. Any Lawful Resident’s financial holdings beyond the above allowable will be disposed of per fair market value within four (4) years after this Amendment becomes Law. Anyone attempting to profiteer by the manipulating of a Lawful Resident’s holding will be fined an amount equal to twice the value of the holding. 

Penalty: Any Lawful Resident failing to comply with the language of this Section will be subject to deportation.

Note: A Lawful Resident is not a U.S. Citizen and is not entitled to full U.S. Citizen Rights. I fully agree that many of them abide by the law, pay taxes and contribute honorable to our social wellbeing; let me assure all, that these restrictions are in no way meant to be any discredit to their honor or character. But, a Lawful Resident has no right for any kind of involvement in the U.S. political arena. 

Section – 5  U.S. Citizens not able to provided the proper documentation per the Real ID rules of qualifying will have their qualification based upon the Rules as outlined in the Law as it relates to a U.S. Citizen applying for a Passport; and will be subject to its full standard of acceptability, or non acceptability.  

Persons with an un-expired ID or Drivers License can up-grade to the new Real ID at 50% percent of its cost relating to any extra fee with the Fund paying the other 50%. Expired IDs or Drivers Licenses will be subject to normal fees as will new Drivers Licenses.

Note: I live in Wisconsin and it cost me $15.00 to get my License updated to the new Real ID.

Introduction to Section – 6: I am fully aware that the following is and will be extremely controversial; and while many will never understand my inner thoughts as I write this (despite my prayer for the Spirits guidance in the words I choose) many will only see the devil-in-the-detail; and I am fully aware that many Politicians and others with thoughts of personal gain will attempt to use this Section as a means to undermine and destroy the value of this Amendment as a whole. But – not one word – not one thought – has been written in any manner as a negative reflection on the character or the quality of any other person’s being. continued ….

Section – 6 All Naturalized United States Citizens will enjoy any and all full rights of a Natural Born Citizen of the United States – except they may not cast a vote for a President or Vice President of the United States.

No person may serve as President or Vice President unless a Natural Born Citizen whose Parents were both Citizens of the United States; one must be a Natural Born Parent and the other may be a Naturalized Parent, but the birth of the child and its rights must have to have occurred after the Naturalization of the effected Parent.

Anyone wishing to become President or Vice President must be at least 35 years of age and have physically lived at least 60% of their life in the United States with the reason for 38% being related to foreign Military Service or as a dependent of; and/or foreign State Department Service as an occupation or dependent of, with 2% being allowed for studying abroad, with the last 20% of their years having been in the United States - and receive the greatest number of popular votes. 

….. continued -  I going to repeat myself, although it won’t have much effect on those who choose not to except my words “not one word – not one thought – has been written in any manner as a negative reflection on the character or the quality of any other person’s being (period)”

This is not about anyone being better than another, no one asked to be born in the country that they were, or what language they were taught to speak as a child, or the color of there skin, or originally had a choice of the religion they were brought up in; but each have a responsibility for a betterment of the country that God chose for them; and having been born a Natural Citizen of the United States, I like so many other Natural Born feel we have a greater responsibility for the direction our Country takes forward for the family of mankind that lives here. 

Naturalized Citizens can still vote for and even serve as elected representatives: Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, School Board Members, etc.; and no Law in any State may infringe upon those rights.

The U.S. Political arena, with all of its self glorification, needs to be modernize in its character and actions. Government service should be treated as an honor and privilege and not a profession; professional politicians are the problem – not the solution.  Degrees in Political Science and Law are not the answer to the country or the worlds needs today, degrees in Nature’s Sciences and the Humanities are.

I have never heard a Politician say, I want to represent the Citizens of the United States, or the Citizens of my State, or the Citizens of my area; etc.; they will use the word “People” because it is a derogatory statement in Politics to use or say they want to represent the Citizens of the United States of America and their rights. I am sure that should any choose to campaign using the word “Citizen(s)” they will be under great scrutiny by the same and under protest by others. Also you will never hear them say or advertise themselves as a Political Party Politician – vote for me; except maybe in a room full of Party loyalist.

Politicians spend there campaigning time directed at groups of voters: the White Vote, the Black Vote, the Hispanic Vote, the Gay Vote, the non Gay Vote, People from India Vote, the Religious Right Vote, the Italian Vote, the Wall Street Vote, etc., etc., etc.,… but you will never hear them request a meeting with Citizens of the United States Voters; among all of the above groups are many honorable United States Citizens both Natural Born and Naturalize; but among them are some seeking special favors for those that are not of this country and too many Politicians are more that willing to throw those that are Citizens of this country under the Bus, for the sake of allowing non-Citizens a ride on the Bus, with the hope that they, or their Party are in the drivers seat of the Bus when the election is over.

The present language of the Constitution clearly reads that only a Nature Born U.S. Citizen can become the President or Vice President of the Unite States; should it not be then, that only a Natural Born Citizen should be the only one that can elect either one of them? Note: an allowance to the above is being made because of the interrelationships of the U.S. Population, thus allowing for one Parent being a Naturalized Parent, with qualification.


Note: If after reviewing this proposal you favor it - please petition your elected State and Federal Officials and let them know of your support of it and of your desire to have it become part of the Constitution.



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