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Abundant Life Amendment Article 3

"Merchants have no country. The mere spot

they stand on does not constitute so strong
an attachment as that from which
they draw their gains."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1814




Abundant Life Amendment™ Article – 3

Commercial Righteousness Act

PART - 1 Starting on the First Day, of the First Year, following acceptance of this proposal as an amendment to the Constitution, the language of this amendment will become Law.

PART – 2 Foreign investment (both competitive and non) are defined as, but not limited to: investment in any company, corporation, individual effort, or monetary investment system, regardless of proprietorship of the intended investment effort, and/or country of the intended investment, located outside of the jurisdictional area of the Congress of the United States.

PART – 3 Any and all federal laws allowing tax credits for any expenses relating to foreign investments, both competitive and non-competitive, are repealed; and any and all federal laws allowing tax credits for any expenses relating to the acquisition of, or the manufacturing of, all foreign made goods or services are repealed. Legally recognized expenses are established in the Application Guidance Section of this Amendment.

PART – 4 Everything of monetary value removed from the U.S. economy for foreign investment or activities will be treated as profit (except as may be outlined in this Amendment) and subject to appropriate taxes, regardless of any other profits or losses claimed by the claimant. Monetary value shall include, but is not limited to: cash, or any other type of cash valued documents, property, services, or the value of technology - technology shall include any patented or otherwise registered ideas, or processes.

PART – 5 No losses relating to the closure of factories or other operations in the United States will be allowed (except for displaced employee related benefits) if the company, corporation, individual, or an affiliation has investments in competitive foreign activities or properties, or intends to make an investment within two (2) years in competitive foreign activities, properties, factories or operations that would benefit from the closures by reentering those or similar items back in to the US or any other area that is competitive to other US based companies exporting to a foreign area, during that two (2) year period. Violations of this PART will result in a retroactive tax of ten times (10 x) that of any losses claimed as they relate to this PART during that two (2) year period; and a ten (10) year suspension of reentering into the United states those or similar items that they or an affiliation are involved with.

PART – 6 All companies, corporations, or individuals with headquarters located outside of the jurisdictional area of the Congress of the United States will be treated as foreign; and all manufacturing and/or service providers located outside of the jurisdictional area of the Congress of the United States will be treated as foreign - regardless of parenthood of same, or country of the activity. All manufacturing and/or service providers within the jurisdictional area of the Congress of the United States will have priority bidding rights on all federal government supply and service contracts of all Made In The USA products or services; any items not available internally will be open for bidding internationally (without bias of parenthood or provider) by all manufacturing and/or service providers of other democratically governed nations, provided the product(s) or service are created within the frame work of humane and competitive behavior.

PART – 7 Upon acceptance of this Article, no agency of Federal Government will issue or grant any type of loan guarantees, or insurance relating to foreign investments. Any guarantees or insurance issued twelve (12) months prior to the acceptance of this Article will be honored for an additional two (2) years; however any guarantees or insurance will be non transferable to any type of new ownership, or renewable by present ownership beyond that date. Any guarantees or insurance issued after the above date will be repealed upon acceptance of this Article.

PART – 8 No Government “Bailout(s)” or Financial Assistance will be allowed for any company, corporations, individuals, groups, insurance companies, associations, unions, etc… if the above has more than 10% (ten-percent) of its total value or debt as the result of investments outside of the United States or its Trust Territories; and only then if is US Headquartered.

NOTE: No one, or company is too big to fail; as nature has taught us, the biggest tree in the forest will someday come down; and the next biggest tree will then become the biggest tree in the forest.

PART – 9 In all matters of dispute, the spirit of this Article will be predominating to the letter of this Article.

PART – 10 The language of this Article shall be deemed superior to any powers and laws of the federal government; laws or rights of the states, or parts of the Constitution where it may be in conflict.

PART – 11 The Congress shall have the power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this Article.

PART – 12 The Title of this amendment shall be known as: Abundant Life Amendment - Article Three

PART – 13 The language of this Article and Application Guidance section can only be amended by a majority vote of the People via a public referendum.

Application Guidance Section

SECTION - 1 Line in the sand: No expenses of any type relating to the acquisition of imported items from any foreign country or any cost relating to the manufacturing or producing of any item in any foreign country will be allowed on any tax form or record, until the item reaches the boundaries of the Congressional area of the Congress of the United States; where upon, the foreign value (excluding the acquisition and or any manufacturing cost) will be allowed. Transportation cost up to that point if on a US Headquartered carrier or provider will be allowed; foreign Headquartered carrier or providers would not be an allowable write-off.

Any advertising and or promotion cost of any imported item must originate with the original producer of the item or the country of its origin, as they are the ones directly benefiting from its sale in the United States by its creating jobs in their country.

Any cost relating to transportation and distribution of the item(s) within the United States would be allowable business deductions. Any additional cost of any kind of advertising, promotional, or related activities can be done, but would not be allowable business operating expenses on US taxes. 

On the other side of the equation, cost relating to Made in The USA items that are exported will be supported with standard US allowable business operating tax credits for the US Headquartered Company, where and when applicable and verifiable; including transportation cost if on U.S. carriers or providers.

NOTE: The cost of promoting foreign made items should fall on the shoulders of the Company making them and/or the Government of the countries where they came from; they are the ones making the profits from the manufacturing of them and are the ones that have jobs as the result of it.

The US Government should not recognize and/or allow business operating expenses that support the sale of, or promotion of, foreign made items with tax write-offs; especially when we have so many millions of our own unemployed and/or underemployed.

The facts are these: Right now, millions of workers in other countries are being supported in their efforts by the U.S. economy because of the allowances of business write-offs of foreign made items and expenses relating to acquiring them and the promoting of them by the U.S. procurers and sellers.

SECTION – 2 Along with any other language in this Amendment, examples of items not recordable as allowable business operating expenses include: Travel expenses relating to foreign investments and or purchases, personnel wages (including that for salaried personnel) while working on foreign activities, office supplies, phones, faxes, computers, legal fees, etc..

The exceptions to non-allowable cost write-offs are: Agriculture products that are not competitive and/or not a normal product of the U.S.: Coffee, Bananas, etc., or produce that may be seasonal, or in need of, due to crop conditions or other shortage of in the U.S.; and minerals or other natural resources that are not available in the U.S.; and/or manufactured items that the U.S. does not have the capability of, or it is deemed to be unpractical to manufacture. Any of the exception items must come from other Democratic Governed Countries if available.

NOTE: This proposal does not call for any new restrictions or tariffs on International Trade items imported into the United States – nor does it change any trade agreements - you can still buy whatever you want, from wherever it comes, without restrictions or limits. Nor, does it prohibit any US Company from closing any US facilities and moving them to another country; or prevent any US Citizen, or any US Company from investing in any other country. Simply speaking - this is “revenue enhancement” from the in-house restructuring of the US Taxes Codes that have ruinously been allowed and must be now changed to re-vitalize the US economy – and in the end, once the US economy starts to rebound the economy of other countries will also rebound.

There are those that may feel that the Democratic Free Enterprise System (a.k.a., Capitalism) might suffer. But, do not confuse Capitalism with Democracy, for the spirit of Capitalism is the love of money, while the spirit of Democracy is Righteousness, where the long term needs of the people and the country are considered above the short term greed's of the few.

Again, let me make it perfectly clear, nothing in this proposal interferes with any trade agreements as far as restricting, or limiting the amounts that can be imported. This proposal is an internal renovation of US Tax Codes that apply to US based Companies, Corporations and Citizens only; and the Citizens of the United States have every right to exercise these changes that are desperately needed for their own economic salvation, without threat or retaliation from outside sources, which will in the end only hinder their own economic recovery. PS: For any concerned - never has entered into the minds of men – the things that God has prepared; and those that wait upon the Lord shall renewal their economies.

The royalist of the economic order have conceded that political freedom was the business of the Government,

but they have maintained that economic slavery was nobody’s business.”

-       Franklin D. Roosevelt  

SECTION - 3 Acceptable tax write-offs of expenses relating to non-competitive foreign investments will be understood as follows: If a U.S. Headquartered and based Company or Corporation invest in a foreign country and the investment is a non-competitive investment to Companies and/or Corporations still located in the United States - meaning they will not be sending any items or activities back to the U.S. that would be competitive and/or exporting items or activities to other countries that would undermine U.S. based firms already active in another country (with the exception they are a normal competitor: McDonalds/BurgerKing – Ford/GM, etc.) from the new venture; and/or will not be closing a U.S. based operation because of the investment - and if at least fifty percent (50%) of the total support and material supply of the activity comes from within the judicial areas of the Congress of the United States – only expenses as they relate to U.S. activities will be allowable business operating expenses.

Note: While it may not always be materially feasible, it is strongly recommended that the other Fifty Percent (50%) originate from within the country of activity.

Example: If McDonald’s corporate company headquarters is located in the US and they wanted to build and maintain a restaurant in country X, any expenses originating in the US would be allowable tax write offs; expenses relating to country Y which may have supplied part of the needs for country X would not be allowable write offs, nor would any investments from country X be an allowable write off. Any future supplies that originate in the US, such as, hamburger, paper products, etc., would be subject to their same US standards of business recording, which would include cost and profit and appropriate tax; but, any supplies coming from any other country would not be part of the recording. 

Example: If the hamburger came from the US it would be an allowable business expense; but if the paper products were shipped to the US from another country and then sent to country X it would not be an allowable business expense.

Note: See Abundant Life Amendment Article – 6 for companion details of rights or restrictions; the language and rights of this PART will fall under the umbrella of the International Stock Markets as outlined in Article – 6; and in the event of debate or conflict of this Article with Article – 6, the language and/or spirit of Article – 6 will be superior.

NOTE: I would like to pause for a moment and address the issue of unemployment with a few words for thought: A great deal of debate has taking place within our government concerning the probable shortages of our Social Security System and how to prevent it from happening.

First - as you may know, the money that supports that whole System comes out of payroll taxes. Second - with the steady loss of the better paying manufacturing jobs over the past 30 years, in the United States, the amount of money going into supporting that system has been greatly reduced.

Example: If a steel producing plant has been forced to close and a steel worker was paying in taxes based on a $20.00 per hour job and was forced to take on a $8.00 per hour job to survive, if you were to multiply that ( 1 ) steel worker by the millions of other American workers that have suffered similar loss with the closure of American factories and Corporate Down Sizing, I don't think it would take a *mathematician to figure out where the biggest part of the problem facing the System today has come from. 

The return of quality industrial jobs in The U.S.A. can go a long way to saving the System and the health and well being of those who have paved the way for us and to whom we owe our being. 

Every State in our country is suffering from a shortage of revenue and it is the loss of those better paying industrial jobs that is the greatest contributing factors; the same loss of income that affects Federal Programs, by replacing higher paying jobs with lower paying jobs, also denies the States of the income that they need to meet their public responsibilities. 

The importance of Abundant Life Amendment Article – 5 to this same loss of State and Federal tax revenues is - employers who are paying Illegal Aliens sub-standard wages, and/or under the table, are not paying in their rightful share of taxes; and probably the Illegal Aliens are not paying any, which has helped create an additional loss of Billions of Dollars annually to U.S. taxing authorities. 

The perverted truth about the unemployment numbers: In the news you hear from time to time that things are better because the new unemployment percentages and the number of people that filed for the week were less than expected or the week before; but, he facts are these: Every week there are fewer people working so there are fewer people that can become unemployed – If you have 100 workers and layoff 10%, or 10 people, you are left with 90 people working; and the following week you layoff another 10%, = 9 more workers, the numbers look better because less people lost their job, but there were less people working that could loss their jobs. Smoke and mirrors of the unemployment numbers by Washington – is just that. 

*Math-magicians – too many of the economist that try to run our country are just that (math-magicians) and too many in Washington rely upon their numerology as being if it were prophecy from heaven; however, for the prophets and their followers, keep this thought in mind – any man can count the number of seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

SECTION - 4 Items imported into the United States will clearly show the country of manufacturing, or product of, on the package and on the product if practical; this will include all printed items as well as recorded items. 

A symbol representing the Globe will also appear visiblly clear on the package and on product, if practical, of all foreign originating items intended for sale in the U.S.; a symbol representing America will appear on any made in the U.S.A. or its Trust Territories items. 

The use of deceptive labeling such as, “Product of North America” (trying to insinuate Made in the USA - America) or any other type of labeling that does not show clearly the Country of Origination will be barred from being sold. Violators will be fined Ten (10) Times the suggested retail value of non labeled or wrongly labeled items imported. At the end of the first One Hundred and Eighty Days (180 Days) after the acceptance of this Article as an Amendment, the langue of this SECTION will be fully enforced; in the intermediate time, imported items on the shelf or that can be shown to having been within the US borders part of the supply line will not be subject to the penalty part of this SECTION and can be disturbed and remain on the shelves and sold. 

Note: The U.S. importer or party, purchasing agent, etc., responsible for the acquisition of foreign produced items into the U.S., regardless of what it is, or origination of it, will be the responsible party under the law to its compliance with all U.S. laws of accountability, safety and/or otherwise and the language of this Article that may apply. 

At some point in time an artist must make that first move that puts the brush to the canvas, or the picture in the minds eye will never come to pass. Part of the Spirit of the American Dream, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, is covered by other Constitutional Language - an additional part of the American Dream, the Spirit of Industrial and Commercial Righteousness, will be started on the road to reality by this proposal. He has given you the picture and the canvas - but the brush is in your hand.

Good Paying Jobs in America?

Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock Made in Japan for 6: AM, while his coffeepot Made in China was perking, he shaved with his electric razor Made in Hong Kong. He put on a dress shirt Made in Sri Lanka, designer jeans Made in Indonesia and tennis shoes Made in India.

After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet Made in Mexico he sat down with his calculator Made in Taiwan to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch Made in Switzerland and listening to the radio Made in Singapore. He got in his car Made in Canada and started on his search for a good paying American job.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day, Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals Made in Brazil poured himself a glass of wine Made in France and turned on his TV Made in Korea and then wondered why he can’t find a good paying job in America.

The above is not original  –  it is unfortunately factual.

If after reviewing this proposal you favor it - please petition your elected State and Federal Officials and let them know of your support of it and of your desire to have it become part of the Constitution.



Please see Special Copyright Notice Below
All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2004 - 2011
SHILOH-james™ P.O. Box 1603 Janesville, WI 53547-1603

Footnote and Closing Thoughts:

I would like to paraphrase President Abraham Lincoln – who said: “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich; and you cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.”

With those thoughts in mind, the United States economy will not and can not recover as long as the spirit of the World’s Economy is the United States is a giant Walmart put there for their pleasure. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.” - Simply speaking, you can not shutdown American Factories and take away American jobs and send them to other countries and then expect people who have no jobs to buy things that are made in other countries, or even what few thing that are still made in America. Fair Trade Agreements (which will be coved at a future date and will be a tremendous boost to all Democratic governed economies) can only exist when they are founded in competitive, companionate conduct by all parties.

Walk into any Walmart and pull everything off of the shelves that was not made in the USA and I am sure the store would look like it was the last day of a going out of business sale. I would also be willing to bet that you will find at least (90%) more items manufactured in Communist China then are manufactured in the USA. So when Walmart blow’s its own horn about what a great deal they are for the American Consumer - just keep in mind - who is buttering their bread; and how much of the Communist goals to destroy the United States and other Democratic Countries are they helping to finance?

Stimulus packages can not help the U.S. economy because the money spent is used to buy foreign made products and not products made in or manufactured in the USA. With most everything being made outside of this county the money ends up supporting foreign manufactures and not American ones.  It’s too bad all of the highly educated elected officials in Washington D.C.  have never read Alexander Hamilton’s - “Report on Manufactures” written in 1791 - parts of it read as if had been written as a prophecy of our own time (please read);  we face many of the same problems that he wrote about having too face in his day; but, our Congress with its Lawyers and Political Science Graduates and what’s in it for my Political Party only attitudes, don’t seem to have much in common with many of our Forefathers and their common sense approach to the needs of the country.  No new deficit spending or Stimulus is required to fund any part of this proposal.

It has been written that “the love of money is the root of all evil”; and it is that “love” that dominates the World’s market place and not the needs of the people. The current “stimulus” money being used around the World is like tossing a rope into a bottomless pit to try and rescue someone without having the rope tied to anything at the top end. The farther the rope falls - the closer to Hell it gets.

Giving every Man, Woman and Child in this country a Thousand ($1,000.) Dollars and tell them to go shopping, would have (at the most) minimal short term effect because most of our basic needs, despite American sounding names, are Foreign made.  Walk into any Walmart (or any other store, Target, Sears, K-Mart, Ace Hardware, etc. …) with a $1,000.00 Government Stimulus Check and try to buy your families basic everyday needs with only Made or Produced in America items. Note: Not long ago I found meat at a Walmart labeled “Product of USA, CANADA, MEXICO” – where the He - - did it come from? If it turns out to be bad, it’s your guess as who to blame. Go into any hardware store and look for the tools that are Made in America. Walk onto any car lot and before you buy your next car and tell them you want to see the ones that were Made in America. Note: Not - the ones made in “North America” as many of them are Foreign made. The recent Auto Maker bailout was one of the biggest (whatever you want to call it) because Congress never asked the Auto Makers real questions. Such as: How many US Auto Factories and US Parts Plants have you closed in the past 20-25 years? How many new Auto Factories and parts plants have you opened in foreign countries in that same time period? How many Foreign Car companies have you bought or went into partnership with in foreign countries during that same time period? How many Billions of Dollars have you invested in foreign countries? How many new models have you brought into the US after shutting down US Factories? How many Billions of Dollars have you written off on US taxes as business expenses that relate to your Foreign activates or the closing of your US Manufacturing? How many times did you go to Congress and cry and ask them to help the poor people you were leaving in the rubble of your closings? Question for the United States Congress and the President: Should Americans buy and support Cars and Trucks that are made in the USA but have foreign sounding names; or would you encourage them to buy Cars and Trucks that are foreign made but have US sounding names?

I would like to see the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces go to any US Military base and lay a hand on any Military Vehicle that was made in the USA? I am sure He will not find one that is not made with lots of foreign parts. Maybe he could check and see how many Billions of our Military Tax Dollars are given to Foreign Manufactures because US Manufactures are more interested in the bottom line than in the security of the United States? Maybe he could check and see how many of those Billions end up in China and other Rogue Countries that we have to spend Billions more trying to defend our self against? Couldn’t the President (as Commander in Chief)  sign an Executive Order barring the Military from buying anything made in a Communist Country; especially from one that opposes at every turn our efforts to help people around the world experience freedom; and uses the profits they make off of our own retail outlets to boost their Communist goals? I read somewhere that the American business man was the only business man in the world that would sell the rope to hang themselves with; unfortunately they are hanging a lot of good American people with the same rope.  

This proposal does not require any kind of “Stimulus Package”. No “Stimulus” money of any kind should be given to any US Company that has more than 10% of its total value invested in foreign countries. No one, or company, is too big to fail; even the biggest tree in the forest will some day come down and another tree will then become the biggest one.  If those companies are in need of capital for US investment, let them sell off their foreign investments and invest the money in the United States. What this proposal will do, is help capture the Billions of Dollars in revenue that is now being lost by given those that invest in foreign countries Tax Credits for doing so. It will also save Millions of US jobs and create Millions more in “ALL” sectors of the economy.  We need to create jobs that provide for our basic every day needs (clothing, pots and pans, band-aids, toothpaste, drugs – both RX and over the counter of all kinds, shoes, TVs and other electronics, etc… and that puts steel workers, welders, machinist, textile workers, assemblers, etc… back to work) and not just concentrate on the big ticket items such as Cars and Houses, etc.. When those listed above and millions more like them have their jobs back, they will buy the Cars and Houses. How can you bailout a home owner that has no job; isn’t that like throwing a life preserver to someone 10 miles of shore in the middle of a hurricane and leaving them to swim ashore? Millions can’t even pay the interest on their loans because they have no job; what good does it do to lower their interest rate? That lower interest rates the Fed’s give end up being a buffet for the Big Banks and Lenders.

Our Government spending practices have been to build from the top down and not from the bottom up; and are geared to appease Political Allegiance and not the needs of the general public. Don’t ever think that one side or the other is better; both sides have those at the top that have to be taken care of first and foremost, despite the needs of the country.

“These unhappy times call for the building of plans
that build from the bottom up and not from the top
down, that put their faith once more in the forgotten
man at the bottom of the economic pyramid.
-        Franklin D. Roosevelt

Congress and the President were fast at blaming all of our financial woes on the Wall Street CEOs (where a lot of it belongs) but are they not the ones that are and should have been their overseers? What were they doing during the time when all of this was going on; besides feeding their own political piggy banks off of Wall Street’s corporate greed’s?

Maybe we should put our National Anthem on the shelf for a little while and temporarily adopt a song such as Merle Haggard’s “America First” - until the reality of that need becomes a fact. For us to put America First doesn’t mean being uncompassionate to the needs of people of other countries. There is an old saying “We have met the enemy and they are us”. NOTE: To the people of other democratic countries; please be patient for a little while and you too will be lifted out of your pit of despair - but first we must deal with our own enemy. As it is written: “why beholdest (regard) thou the mote (particle) that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam (board) that is in thine own eye?”

Question for every elected official in the Government of the United States, both in Washington and in every State: Is it better for America if Governments buy foreign made items from other countries, especially from those that oppose the Democratic principles of the United States, because they might make and sell thing a little cheaper than we do? Is it not true that the Billions of dollars in unemployment benefits and other support of the families left in the ruins of the destructive Government buying activities are the results of an unwillingness to support American workers? If the combined purchase power of the State Governments and that of the Federal Government were to support the workers of the United States with their buying power, think - of what changes in our economy would occur – In One Heavenly of a Hurry - combining that type of thinking with what is yet to be revealed, those that start collage this year, when they graduate, will need a dictionary to find out what unemployment means. PS: I said, “In One Heavenly of a Hurry” instead of – one hell of a hurry – because hell is where too many Millions of our fellow Citizens are at now.

FACT: A product with an American name is Not The Same
as a product Made in the United States of America !!

The bottom line is simple this: This proposal does not raise taxes on anyone in the United States of America – this proposal simply eliminates the tax write offs that are being allowed relating to FOREIGN ACTIVITES by those in Washington DC that have no regards for the needs of the Citizens of the United States of America(period) 

Closing Thoughts.

I have been a little hesitant on whether-or-not to include the following, but I guess I have already gone beyond having to worry about that:

As it was spoken by another, “the love of money is the root of all evil”; and Wall Street is basically nothing more than the deity of greed facilitating a money laundering system for it’s followers by its distribution of Hundreds of Billions of Dollars into foreign economies every year, with the Chinese economy the main recipient.

Most Corporations listed on Wall Street have no loyalty to America or its Citizenry, or as far as that goes to any country; but - they expect the Citizens of the United States to provide them with a secure place to support their “Greedy” actions. Wall Street knows all it has to do is go down the coast a little ways and they can buy all of the politicians it needs to accrue to continue its conduct – and there are those they don’t already own that are for sale if the price is right.

In the following I hereby challenge the President, any Senator, or Congressperson to just plainly call me a “Liar” if they disagree with what I am about to say; and don’t just simply say, well he don’t understand how things work, or he don’t know all of the facts, he’s thinking way outside of the box – agree with me or call me a “Liar”, but for once in your life don’t play politics by mincing your words.

First, I would agree that our Military might is capable of destroying any that would be stupid enough to come at us head on; however we are daily at the mercy of one who has been a challenge to us since WWII – China.

Within anything I have said, or might say, there is nothing meant to be anything bad in anyway about the goodness or the quality of the Chinese People, but the fact of the matter is, the Communist that rule the country have stood a the door of opposition many times when the U.S. and other free countries have tried to help others overcome the dictators that so many in the world still live under.

Today where does China get most of its money from to challenge freedom in the world - the U.S. Corporation of Wall Street.

Again, I will reaffirm my challenge of earlier to call me a “Liar” and here are the facts: Lets suppose China were to attack us, we would respond and we both would be just a blank spot on the map of the earth; however, if the Communist Government of China were to order nothing made under its dictatorship powers would be allowed to be shipped to the U.S., or its Trust Areas starting tomorrow, and if anyone else sends anything made in China to them they will also be barred from receiving anything from China themselves – could that Communist Dictatorship do that?

Now you might be thinking that would hurt China as well; and you are right, but they have an ability that we don’t and that is, the ability to manufacture what they need – we don’t – thanks to the partnership of Wall Street, Washington and their un-godly “Love of Money” - which is more important to them than America’s needs collectively, and the needs of the Citizens of the United States individually. I was raised to believe that a free enterprise system was much more successful than a Communist one; I guess I had the wrong upbringing. 

Maybe Washington should start having hearings (ha, ha) about how much damage we would suffer if China closed its door on us; how long would it take for our stores to have empty shelves, especially as people would empty their bank accounts to stock up on everything they can get; inflation would go wild, the U.S. Currency would have little value if any at all, how long will it take for our factories that have been shut down for years to retool and train people to get them up and running again; how many  millions of people are going to be out of jobs; how many things that we make in the U.S.A. and/or might come from more friendlier countries, that could no longer be made because parts within the item(s) are made in Communist China; Wall Street would have to close all together to prevent a total melt down of the economy; millions would be in the streets demanding why Washington let this happen.

China doesn’t have to fire a single shot at us to bring us down, we are already subjugated to them - all they have to do is close the door. Trust Washington, trust Wall Street and trust the Communist Government of China, they all have your best interest in mind – right? God, how I pray what I have said is a Lie.

This could not happen you might think (?) but, how many times have we barred trade with other countries that we had a different ideology with and/or frozen their assets?  As it stands right now, China does not need the U.S., but the U.S. needs China; there are still many rogue countries in the world that China could still manufacture items for and have trade with if they were to close their door on us.

There are two things we must do to survive: First, like the man that drove the money changers out of the temple, we must vote the money changers out of our temple - the Capitol of the United States of America. Second, we must quit living in the past as far as the way we do things and agree to help each other into a better future, not with the spirit of greed, but guided by the spirit of need.

I am not what you would call a religious person, I don’t go to Church anymore, I don’t get down on my knees and pray, and anymore I very seldom open my Bible, but - I BELIVE GOD.

Isaiah 29:13 – 14

… “the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men: Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.”

The main question thought out the preceding is not – will the Communist leaders of China do it (?) that is close the door – the only question that matters is – could they do it (?). Tell Washington to prove me a Liar!

Maybe we should change our “In God We Trust” to – Please God Help Us?

PS: Was President Washington lying to the people in His Farewell Address, when He warned the people saying, that the spirit of the Political Parties was “truly their (our) worst enemy”? Or was He a Liar too?

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