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A.L.A. - 2

A Foxhole Equalizes all Men

Abundant Life Amendment™  Article – 2

Equal Rights for Equal Risk

PART – 1 Upon acceptance of this Article as an Amendment to the Constitution, all military personnel between the ages of 18 and 21 - Active duty, National Guard and Reservist, will upon an oath of service be afforded all rights and privileges of a person 21 years of age; ROTC and academy students that have agreed by an oath to complete a period of service in the military will also qualify. These rights will be recognized by all agencies of the federal government, all states and every manner of business and commerce.

PART – 2 Anyone honorably discharged before reaching the age of 21 will retain all privileges of this Amendment; anyone dishonorably discharged will forfeit all rights and privileges.

PART – 3 Anyone found guilty of creating or using a false I.D., or using an I.D. belonging to another person, will be imprisoned for three (3) years.

PART – 4 Anyone who has qualified and has agreed by an oath to complete a period of service and later refuses (except for acceptable reasons unforeseen by them at the time of qualifying) or who willingly causes or creates a disqualifying scenario will be imprisoned in a military prison for three (3) years.

All matters of Court and review in this Part will be subject to Military Courts, as the oath of Military Service mandates their authority.

Only the United States Supreme Court, or the Commander in Chief (President) will have the right to review or override a Military Courts judgment and then only on a case, by case bases.

No one under the age of 18 will be qualified and no one still in attendance of a High School or equivalent will be allowed to qualify; and no one without a verifiable High School Diploma, or its equivalent, will be allowed to qualify, with the exception for anyone already under an oath of service before the acceptance of this Article as an Amendment.

Note: The above is not intended to belittle in anyway the character or their standard of conduct of any person without a Diploma, which in no way guarantees a better Service person; however, with the forever changing technology being introduced in the Services and the abilities that may be needed by those serving to be fully able to adjust to those changes, the effort and abilities learned while obtaining a Diploma may be useful, or needed, in making the adjustments that may be required in their Military Service. 

Non Diploma personal and lawfully registered non US Citizens that are on full active duty status before the acceptance of this Amendment will have all rights of this Amendment.


PART – 5 No person between the ages of 18 and 21 who is in active military service, a reservist, in ROTC, academy or other type(s) of pre-military preparation, will be compelled to accept the rights granted by this Amendment, or penalties as they would otherwise apply; anyone choosing not to accept these rights will have any appropriate I. D. issued to them noted as: ALA-2 Not Valid. Note: Those accepting the rights granted to them under this Article will also be subject to the rules of Military Code of Conduct, as their oath subjugates them to it, as well as standard civil laws.

PART – 6 Anyone denying the rights of this law to any covered by this Law, will be fined $5,000 per violation.

PART – 7 The Department of Defense will have the option to self manage in the following manner, or take bids and contract with a US based and owned Company, under an open and competitive agreement, without bias or preferential, a contract for eight (8) years, the right to establish and keep track of those affected by this Amendment as follows: The Company will provide a service similar to a credit card type of scanning service, where and when needed, that will verify the authenticity of the identification cards which will also be a photo ID card. The successful bidding company will keep all information separate from any other activates of the company and accessible by only those with a need to have access. At no time will the company use, sell or share with anyone outside of the Military any information controlled by them for commercial or any other reason; all records will be considered classified Military Secret and anyone violating the language of this part will be subject to appropriate Laws covering computer hacking and or discloser which will include not less than ten (10) years in prison if less is allowable within the Laws. The company at the discretion of the Government may/will lose its contract, or may/will be fined one hundred ($100) dollars per name violated.

Note: The reason for this part is two fold - (1) to make it as much as possible so that fake cards will be harder to pass off as real, because a fake card would not be registered in the system and like a homemade credit card would not have much value - (2) to prevent the names and information being used for commercial reasons and/or to prevent those that may seek other self-serving use of the information.

PART – 8 The language of this Article shall be deemed superior to any powers and laws of the federal government; laws or rights of the states, military laws, or parts of the Constitution where it may be in conflict; however, as stated, all social laws and military laws relating to personal conduct will apply.

PART – 9 The Congress will have the power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this Article; and will provide appropriate funding to ensure the success of this Article.

PART – 10 The Title of this Amendment will be known as: Abundant Life Amendment - Article Two.

PART – 11 The language of this Article can only be amended by a majority vote of the People via a public referendum.

Friends and Fellow Citizens:

The resented wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have rekindled some memories of my own past. While I was fortunate to have never been in combat, I did spent three years in the Army, enlisting just after my 17th birthday and was discharged shortly after my 20th. Most of my service time was spent overseas, where I was treated like an adult. Upon returning to the States I found myself being still treated as a minor under the law.

Like so many others watching the news about the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and sharing the sorrow with the families of those who have lost loved ones, for me the sorrow deepens even a little more when they give the age of the fallen, especially those of the teenagers and the other younger fallen.

During the Viet Nam War era the Constitution was amended to allow 18 year olds the right to vote; unfortunately many gave their life militarily before having the opportunity to exercise that right. Today we are again calling upon many of our best younger citizens to go into harms way; and again there are those who will never experience the full rights of adulthood because they have chosen to serve their country. Two American soldiers walking down any street in Iraq or Afghanistan - one 23 and the other 19 - share the same equal rights as targets; those same two soldiers walking down any street in the U.S. do not share the same equal rights of activity.

While a number of areas of commerce might demonstrate the shortcomings of our current laws, the following scenario may highlight it best: A company rotates back to the U.S. from a combat zone. A few had been lost, a few wounded, but all had experienced the trauma and horror of war. Upon their return they head for town for a little joyful celebration, where by law, some go one way and others are forced to go another; some head to a local establishment to have a party while others are limited to a McDonald’s for a milk shake; even though all were equal in their recent past and faced death daily together without regard to age. I have heard it said - that a Foxhole is the worlds greatest equalizer; it is now time for the United States to equalize those they put in to one.

The military prides itself on promoting equality. What better way to recognize that equality than to have equal rights for equal risks?

Note: This proposal only effects active duty and future personal that are under an oath of military service; it does not grant these same rights to the general public of 18/19 or 20 year olds. 

P.S. - For those who may feel this proposal only deals with drinking, please note: I don’t own a bar near a military base, nor have any kind of investments in brewery stocks, or even know anyone in the military who would be effected by this proposal - and I have not had a drink in many years and really don’t care if anyone else drinks or not, as long as they do it in a safe and responsible manner; but, as it has been too often demonstrated, a roadside bomb in Iraq or Afghanistan shows no mercy because of age; and I strongly feel that a 19 year old who has spent a year facing death, or has agreed to put their life on the line at some future time on behalf of the country, has earned the rights of adulthood and whatever else it entails.
Perhaps – if this proposal does not become law, we should have a new law, which would prohibit anyone under 21 years old from being placed in a combat zone, so as to allow them the opportunity to live long enough to become a full adult; I am also quite sure that the number of pre-21 year olds (and some that may have turned 21 while in our recent combat zones) are among the more than 5,221 (KIA) killed in action US Deaths so far; and are included in the 50,387 (WIA) wounded in action (numbers as of this update) and their numbers will grow. Note: numbers are based upon Department of Defense data for Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom. Another 1,408 have died in non-hostile action while in service to their country.

Please see Special Copyright Notice Below

Note: If after reviewing this proposal you favor it - please petition your elected State and Federal Officials and let them know of your support of it and of your desire to have it become part of the Constitution.


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