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Petition to Amend Federal Tax Laws

We the Citizens of the United States of America

Here-by Petition the Elected Officials of the United States

to Amend Federal Tax Laws as follows:


Any Person, Business, Corporation, Financial Institution, or other similar activity(s) that are benefiting from Tax write-offs from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States are hereby subject to the following changes in the Internal Revenue Service Tax Laws:

No out-of-country (United States) direct itemized expenses of any manner relating to the foreign manufacturing, or acquisition of any products, or services, that were once, or could be made or provided for in the United States and/or its Trust Territories; including, but not all inclusive: travel expenses, lodging and related items, construction and production expenses, salary or wages paid of any kind to anyone while outside of the United States including payments to foreign persons or Governments - all are prohibited on any Internal Revenue Service Tax Form except as outlined in the following:

Any former separate, or combined, itemizes tax-credited values claimed, relating to the purchasing, acquiring, manufacturing, transportation, or other related foreign expenses that were or are now lawful recognized expenses of foreign activates, or services, may be jointly equated with the item(s) value as a lawful business expense at any incoming U.S. Border, subject to the following:

Any Tax credited values sought or claimed, will be added to the wholesale cost of the value of the item(s), or service(s), as an acknowledgment of the real cost of the foreign item to the American economy - no item may be sold for less than One Hundred Percent (100%) of its gross value equated at the border; but, only Seventy Five (75%) of the tax equated amount applied, is allow on I.R.S. Tax Forms as business operation expenses.

Anyone found guilty of transposing amounts from one product or service to another for Tax benefit (or any other reason) will be fined One Hundred (100) Times the amounts involved and all items affected will be barred from importing for Seven (7) Years. This Law will take full effect on the (1st) Day of the (24th) month after its enactment.


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"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they

stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment

as that from which they draw their gains."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1814


Reasoning: If the U.S. producer, receiver, or distributor of the item wants to recover any of their cost relating to foreign operating, or obtaining expenses, they must include those values in the value of the item and may not write them off separately on their Taxes as allowable business operating expense - except as outlined.

The United States’ Federal Tax System is allowing Hundreds of Billions of Dollars annually in business write-offs to Corporation, and others, for their foreign activities as if they were operating in America.

It has been said, “Any man can count the number of seeds in an apple – but only God can count the number of apples in a seed”; those Hundreds of Billions over time are most likely our reason for our Trillions in debt and high under-employment.

This proposal is only a restructuring of U.S. Federal Tax Laws and does not impose any kind of restrictions, or fees, on the importing of any foreign made products.   

What it is doing, is applying the cost of foreign business expenses to the product or service itself – where it belongs; also this Law it is an internal United States Law effecting U.S. Companies and Businesses only - and not subject to International debate.

Understandingly, there will be some cost increases on some items for the consumer, but with the Business Community having to reflect the true cost of the foreign made items on the items, the U.S. economy will find many American Made items more competitive and many will cost less - with millions more Americans making them.

If you support this change in Tax Law - contact your elected officials and let them know that it is your will.


While this is a Copy-Righted © proposal it may be freely copied and displayed in any media for its intended purpose “Petitioning the Government”, however, it may never be separately sold, altered, or attached to other efforts.


“We have always known that heedless self interest was bad morals,

we now know that it is bad economics.”   ― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Application Example and Allowances:  

A U.S. Company is having a number of items made overseas – they have a person from the U.S. that flies over there to over-see its production - the items are (figuratively) A – B- C – D:

A – Is costing them $1 each to have it made – now they must calculate what percentage (%) of their employee’s time is spent involved with the production of A and what percentages (%) of the expenses of having their employee there – travel, lodging, food, wages, etc... are part of the cost of making A.

The time involved with B – C – or D - if from the same provider and location of manufacturing, would divide the amounts added for tax consideration between them based upon time involvement of each item.   

Note: These calculations are not something out of the ordinary as any major manufacturing has to know, and knows’ how much each part cost them and how much time it takes to make it in terms of material and wages paid to someone to make it – all has to be calculated in it’s end cost and reflect its final value.

If B – C – or D – are from a different provider and different items, and that same representative was to cover them, any calculation would be the same as before; with the total cost to the Company that the representative is from divided by the percentage (%) of value of the time spent with the involvement of each item. All amounts would be divided from the total of the whole of cost of activities in the foreign country. 

All amounts would be applied according to this new Amended Internal Revenue Service Tax Laws. Note: The amounts affected are only those relating to activities outside of the United States - activates relating within the United States, are treated as normal, e.g., transportation, distributions, etc....

Note: I am sure some may think this is a non-workable process; if it is for anyone - they can always try Made in the U.S.A. - if they want old-fashion U.S.A.  -  I.R.S. Tax Credits.


“The royalist of the economic order have conceded that political freedom was the business of the Government, but they have maintained that economic slavery was nobody’s business.”    President - Franklin D. Roosevelt


Something Old - Nothing New

“We have lived to witness one of the most extraordinary paradoxes that have ever puzzled the world: General poverty produced by universal plenty!

The earth has been sick of a plethora, and her bowels have burst with their abundance, and yet distress and want were, never so universal.”

Hannah More – Village Politics - 1793


“More die in the United States of too much food than of too little” 
― John Kenneth Galbraith


“Don’t write so that you can be understood, write so you can’t be misunderstood.”  

-William Howard Taft


To all Foreign Friends and Allies of other Democratic countries - I am sure that this proposal will appear as a negative to your own economies, but – once this has become Law, another proposal will mushroom your economies as well as that of the United States to a more sustainable and positive future .

There has to be a starting point to eliminate the negative reality that exist today and has existed for hundreds of year as was noted by Hannah More in 1793.

While not meaning to diminish any other’s counties value to the world, but for what ever reason the Heavens have put the U. S. in a position to be the starting point of a better world for us all. 

But, the future goal we must all agree upon is NEED and not greed. My Prayer is - I pray that the Citizens of the United States have the courage to take the lead.