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Contact Information

I have no plans to have a Face Book Page, Twitter Site or do YouTube, relating to what has been written and published on shiloh-james.com; and if you find one advertised or promoted in any way saying that it is from me, be assured, it is not one authorized by me and should be approached, or reviewed with extreme skepticism. However I do encourage you to have open and free discussions on your own Face Book, Twitter, or other sites.

Every effort has been made to keep the langue of the Proposals as close to everyday English as I could get them; and along with the Notes: - hopefully you will be able to understand my reasoning for what has been written.

If it becomes clear that there is some misunderstanding, or something needs better understanding, I will publish what I feel is needed within the text of the proposal or under the Notes. However - I will not respond to any questions, or make any comments as they may relate to what anyone, political or not, may make of the website or its content, unless – they first publicly presented their own suggestion(s), in detail, of what they feel is a better way of doing what has been written. I am not in competition with anyone; and better ideas to help the People of the United States and of the World into a better tomorrow, will find my full support.

If you are a United States Citizen, for or against what has been written, your voice is the only voice that matters, as I have no political or magical powers (such as) ordering you to except my will based on my political position, walking on water or turning the water in to wine, etc…, my only hope would be to help those that have been mislead in their understanding – to know what Righteousness in Government could and should be.