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The Constitution's Evolutionary Website 

This website is protected by the Bill of Rights Article -1 “

…the right of the people… to petition the government for the redress of grievances.”

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"The basis of our political system
is the right of the people to make and
to alter their constitutions of government."
- George Washington

Welcome - to the shiloh-james.com website, on this website you will find several unique Constitutional Amendment proposals (a.k.a.) Abundant Life Amendments™ - anyone of which could stand alone and have a positive impact on life in the United States; but united, they will pave the way to a more righteous and prosperous future.

The founding Fathers who gave us the Constitution also gave us within that document the ability to evolve. Even in their wildest thoughts, I am sure that could not have imagined the world we live in today; yet, with foresight for their own future they paved and gave us the way to meet the challenges we face today.


If after reviewing these proposals you favor them (or maybe just one of them) please petition your elected State and Federal Officials and let them know of your support of them and of your desire to have them become part of the Constitution.


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www.shiloh-james.comis a grassroots effort to effectuate Righteous changes in governmental practices and authority, and is not owned by, or a subsidiary of, or division of, any corporation, company, political party, union, association, or group, and seeks no subsidy. If you wish to support the effort(s) tell an elected official and tell a friend. Solicitation of funds by anyone to support any Abundant Life Amendment is strictly prohibited and should be viewed as a con. The-James 

Abundant Life Amendments™ - are non-partisan proposals and are not authorized for use by anyone for financial, or other tangible value of gain, without written permission from the Author; commentaries for or against are welcomed. 

While this is a copyrighted © website, individuals, may copy material from this website for personal use only. No commercial or other use of any kind of this material is permitted by anyone: for profit, not for profit, or political - without written permission. Nor, may the language of this material be translated into any other language, stored or displayed on any other website - without written permission from the Author. 
The Government of the United States and/or the Governments of the States, may publish the language of the Articles (only) on official websites, or use other official avenues for the purpose of informing the general public; but, they will not take away from, or add to the language of the articles in any manner, nor publish them in conjunction with any other proposals or commentaries, or allow them to be attached to any other legislation, or allow any other legislation to be attached to them.

No - language of any Abundant Life Amendment proposal, or other original language of this website, may be translated by anyone - including the Government(s) - into any other language, or allow by them, or by anyone, to be electronically stored, transmitted, or displayed on any non-official Government website without written permission from the Author.

Note: The original language of the U.S. Constitution was written in the English Language, and all Amendments to it have been written in the English Language, and all other Laws and transactions of Federal Government are recorded, or written, in the English Language; while other languages may convey the meaning of the words, there is no way for them to translate the Spirit of each word that has been written and the great thought of meaning and struggle that went into the writing of them. 

Upon the acceptance of any Abundant Life Amendment, all Rights of the Amendment will become the Rights of the Citizens of the United States of America, and all rights held by the Author will become void; as well, any valid Heritage rights by any other will also become void.

In any matters of legal dispute the language of this SPECIAL COPYRIGHT © NOTICE will be treated as part of the Amendment(s) themselves and any alterations will be subject to the will of the Author, or the majority will of U.S. Citizens only - if they have become Law. 

Please - give serious thought to the following: That which is last shall be first (Article - 7) and that which is first shall be last (Article - 1)….7-6-5-4-3-2-1™ - that is the order in which that you should have your legislators vote on supporting the proposals as Amendments. 

There will be those who will try to delay the passage of some of the Articles in hopes of trying to find away around the Righteousness of the proposal(s) for personal and/or political gain; and especially for the benefit of their major political contributors by enacting Article - 1 first, as an attempt to delay some of the proposals.

PS: I am sure you will find that within these proposals some of the grammaticalness that should be part of their linguistics may be off a little; however, having only a computer spell check and thesaurus, some grammar as need be, will be adjusted “BY ME” - but the intent of, or spirit of the proposal will remain the same and no corrections by anyone is allowed without my written permission.   -  The-James 

The words “shiloh-james”, “Abundant Life Amendment(s)”, “A Righteous Approach” and the numerical numbers “…7-6-5-4-3-2-1” as used in identifying the recommended order of acceptance into law of the Amendments, and The-James  are Trade Marks of shiloh-james.